Brief Self Investing Tips Toward Your Retirement

When you don't have a lot of money, you have to plan ahead, exercise discipline, and be patient.

It also requires a degree of self-awareness and a desire to succeed.

A financial dream is NOT something you wish for; it's something you have set out to achieve! 

That's done by planning ahead of time, and not just hoping things will turn out fine by luck.

The Importance of Financial Goals? 

Having financial objectives is a MUST!

They help to keep you on track toward accomplishing your financial goals. 

Target These Four Avenues:

  • The length of time you'll need to complete it.
  • How will you conquer your goal? 
  • Make A List of your Financial Objectives.
  • Create a financial goal spreadsheet and use it to set your objectives. 

You Will Break These into Three Categories:


Category #1 Short-Term - a reachable goal, less than six months time.

Med-Range - a reachable goal in six months' time.

Long-Term - a reachable goal years ahead toward retirement. 

NOTE: Understand, the figures given in the tables above are nothing more than rough estimates and should be seen as such!

Calculate the cost > How much money is required to achieve each objective?

If you're unsure, do some research! 

Then, in the "Estimated Cost" column, put the amount. 

Next, set a target date for each objective on your list as your deadline for meeting or exceeding your budget.

Calculate how much money you'll need to Save!

Subtract the anticipated cost of your first objective from the number of weeks left before the deadline. 


Doing so reveals how much money you'll need to put away each week until you meet your goal. 

Fill in the "Amount to Save Weekly" column with the result, then repeat for each of the additional places you've specified. 

Make a budget for your objectives > Rewrite your budget to reflect the funds you'll need to reach your objectives. 

If you have to, be harsh with your cutbacks.

That ensures the best financial prospects, repeat this process continually!

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