Side Hustle Stack Program: Is It The Ultimate eCommerce Solution?

Nowadays, working at a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment is becoming a thing of the past for some people.

Individuals who can't earn enough money due to the rise of unemployment, are forced to pursue online side gigs to supply extra income.

It's quickly becoming the alternative way to cover the bills (like rent, food, and various utilities). 


I can sympathize with the angst they're feeling!

So, I took to the internet, searching around for something innovative.

What I ran across was a program that dictates to people who want to step out of the role of the non-appreciated employee.

The product is called the "Side Stack Hustle," and it caught my eye because of my insatiable interest in checking out something new.

So, what's it about?

If that's not the most common question, then I don't know what is.

Basically, it's an MLM online program that helps you keep track of your finances, as well as helping individuals to pay themselves through their portfolios.

Now right off, you're thinking.

It's a scam!



Now before jumping to multiple conclusions, the commonsense thing to do next is research.

The bulletin below lays out the type of research one should do when checking up on businesses (whether off or online).

Check out their website.

See how long the brand has been around.

Find out who the CEO is and look up others associated with the brand.

Check out comments on the internet about the product and the reputation of the online business.

Alright, it's time to meet one of the innovative associates behind this Side Hustle Stack program!

Side Hustle Stack: Meeting One of the Promoters Behind It  

(Burton's Linkedin Profile Page)


Meet William Erik Burton.

He's a man who grew tired of dealing with bosses.

When I say bosses, I'm referring to the ones watching to see how much production their employees are churning out during an eight-hour shift (10 or 12 hours for those who work longer shifts). 


Their job is to make sure employees are following shop rules, such as not standing around talking, no horseplaying, and no calling people on their cellphones while on the workroom floor.

For the employees, they are given a 10 to 15 minutes break (depending on break time rules). 

They're also given a 20 to 30 minutes lunch break (some jobs have one-hour lunches; very rare).

And between each time interval, they're moving back and forth from their workstations like a pack of sheep.

This was a daily routine all too familiar to Burton... AND HE WAS TIRED OF IT!

He knows some people have been feeling the same way for years.

Working in either a blue or white-collar profession has become tiresome and depressing for many.

Seeing how folks drag themselves out of bed for years, getting washed up, they're hurrying to find something to eat.

They double-check to make sure their clothes aren't wrinkled after getting ready for the last half hour.

Then, FINALLY, it's off to the races when suddenly, they run into that traffic jam backed up as far as the eye can see!

Now you're caught in a terrible bind, and you're about ready to scream from all the insanity you have to endure every single day! 


And even if you don't have to deal with congested lines of traffic, you're still forced to get up and be at a job you feel is a waste of your precious time.

And the kicker is that most people feel they're not making enough at their job to cover the mounting expenses they face every month.

And this is why some people are depressed, especially when they're asked whether or not they like their job.

LOL, brace yourself because there was a substantial amount of people who couldn't stand the work they do!

A Gallop Pole taken revealed that over 80% of people couldn't stand the job they have.

That's nearly 100% (even though I thought it would fall around 50%). 




And I'm willing to bet the amount of pay had something to do with that as well.

Given the current economy, we now inhabit.

Taxation has risen considerably, and a prime example of that is the amount of rent one has to pay is RIDICULOUS! 


It all boils down to one thing.



Not only do you need financial stability, but you also need a way to ensure that you will have the financial resources to retire.

I'm sure William Burton had similar experiences, and I'm sure many others do as well.

However, let's be honest for a second.

Online opportunities were non-existent 15 to 20-years ago.

The majority of people were set on working until they retired.

It was also their dream to be able to retire with enough money.

I think that's the case now.

The remainder of the Baby Boomer and the entire Gen-X Generations are unsure of what the future holds for them.

The good news is online programs such as Kibo Eclipse, offer an alternative way to ensure they can generate the necessary funds to secure their finances.

That's why Burton has decided to tackle the issue head-on.

And he planned to do it by investing in his future!

So, when you hear individuals talk about investing in themselves, they're going about in the old-school traditional way (such as building up their 401k account). 


But now we're living in a time where that's not enough, so searching for alternative financial sources to invest in would be the logical thing to do.

Start Investing in Your Future!.

When I use the word "investment," you immediately think of physical bars.

Silver and Gold are both a guy and gal's closest friends, thus I'm referring to that.

If I stated otherwise, I'd be lying!

It's not over yet!

Because Burton provides a wide range of additional items that might pique the interest of businesspeople.

It starts with a promotional product named KIBO ECLIPSE that teaches eCommerce marketing.

People who enter into the program will also gain access to FREE BONUSES.

Alright, so what about the main guys behind this Kibo Eclipse program?

Well, that's what I'm about to find out next!

First is Aiden Booth.

He's a well-known eCommerce Marketing expert living in Argentina.

He partners with Steven Clayton, who was previously CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of a Fortune 500 Company here in the U.S.

Both Aiden Booth and Clayton have been working together for over 10-years now.

And what these eCommerce experts created was an online program to help others startup an online business with the least effort possible.

After all, to succeed in eCommerce marketing, one must have the proper tools to make it happen!

Different products of the Kibo Eclipse training course will teach individuals how to use the platform's software tools.

They will learn how to run an online business from the available training courses provided on the website.

The program is a drop ship-based operation that requires NO storage of physical merchandise.

Customer interaction is NON-EXISTENT.

So, the only thing you're doing is promoting and selling your eCommerce products online.

But one thing you need to understand is that it will require some work to build your eCommerce brand.

It's just something you need to know when you're trying to establish it.  

Now for those who question whether they'll ever have to cope with stuff like Facebook Ads DON'T HAVE TO!

You can see why this is a great internet business model one can't resist!

So, these are products designed to assist those who want to start a small online business. 


Oh yeah. I almost forgot to mention an article that went into further depth, and I've included a link in the last line of this very paragraph.

Michelle Gregory, relay comments about the product - the story is titled "The Kibo Code Quantum." 

She raves about the success both Booth and Clayton have amassed.

Gregory said she hasn't come across any negative assessments of the entrepreneurs online (even though there could be one or two lurking around).

Now there is a possible guiding force behind Burton's success, and it's a prominent figure many would know at first glance.

This is a possible acquaintance of Burton's, who is a very successful investor. 

Many would see this as an unlikely friendship when learning who this entrepreneur is. 

It's Robert Kiyosaki, who was addressed by Burton in his video.

(That's what I gathered from the video when he said Kiyosaki talked about avoiding taxation).

So, if anyone who could vouche for Burton's legitimacy as an internet marketer would be him.

It's Robert Kiyosaki, who was addressed by Burton in his video.

Burton revealed that some of his ideas was inspired by Kiyosaki.


(That's what I gathered from the video when he said Kiyosaki talked about avoiding taxation - AND IT'S NOT IN THIS VIDEO).


So, if anyone who could vouche for Burton's legitimacy as an internet marketer would be him.

After discovering this, I began pondering a few things.

Burton has already experienced some level of entrepreneurial success. 


Maybe Kiyosaki had something to do what that indirectly.

But to know the truth in that, you'll have to talk to the man himself; this being William E. Burton who can provide that answer.

"Forkk," is another product of Burton's that helps owners of restaurant franchises in many ways.

This online program features food alternatives similar to Door Dash (I'm talking about how you get paid electronically over the net, which is part of the online service).

All in all, Burton's products can lead to better opportunities.

If that's the case, the potential income generated from these products could go through the roof!

Now, understand the info I'm sharing with you has no strings attached.

This is not an affiliate sales pitch that I have written here.

This was a brief look at the affiliate items promoted by William Erik Burton.

It's up to you if you wish to check further into it, and you can click the link below to be taken to the website's front page.

I will be promoting affiliate products sometime in the near future.

And I will be checking further into the Kibo Eclipse program as time rolls on,  

As of now, I'm talking about trending topics that people require information about.

Subscribe to my website so you don't miss any new content published there.

I also want to extend my deepest gratitude for taking a moment out of your day, for listening to this post.

Alright. I'll see you at the next one!


William E. Burton's (inclusive video)  


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