The Dark Conspiracy of Mount Rushmore

When you hear that word (Rushmore), the first thing that comes to mind are our founding fathers who paved the way for America.

Now I have been to South Dakota, but I never saw the legendary Rushmore Attraction.

Later, I ran across the story about "The Black Hills"

After learning more of this story, I won't be making the pilgrimage to see the attraction in this lifetime.

And the reason will be very clear when I go into further details in this article.

The story I'm about to speak upon will be quite unsettling, same time, it needs vindication.

Hidden Behind The Least Likeliest FaceThis starts with The Interior Department, that took part in unspeakable acts of genocide.
Who did they commit this against?

It was against numerous Indian Tribes, and the reason why they took part in this sinister plot comes to no surprise.

The base reason was the land they had, and this was around the 1800s, just after the death of the first president George Washington.

America was STILL finding its bearings.

And one of Washington's prime objectives was to help expand Colonial America toward the west regions.

Unfortunately for Washington, this would never come to pass. Instead, this task fell to President Thomas Jefferson.

The expansion process began when Napoleon Bonaparte, decided to sell the Louisiana Territory.

The price tag for that came out to 15 million dollars in 1803.

It was a Herculean task for Jefferson to get that territory, and surprisingly it didn't result in a war.

The extra land included areas of the Mississippi River, which extended westward.

This also included areas extending toward the north and from the deep south (stretching from Mexico to Canada's Border).

That's the entire middle map of the United States.

Then came the westward expansion during the 1800s.

Lincoln was one of the key presidents who played a vast part in America's westward expansion.

At one point, Lincoln took a stand against the execution of Sioux Tribe members in the 1860s.

Theodore Roosevelt on the other hand downed the character of the Indian Tribes.

Nevertheless, so much land was confiscated from the Indian residents that they had nowhere else to go.

Understand that they fought for their land, I mean, who wouldn't right? 


A place you and family had in their family for generations are told to leave!

And the ones who were telling them to leave, were the equivalent of strangers!

So, this broke out in a series of wars, and that we know because we've seen stories told to us in the history books.

And there are dozens of documentaries on YouTube that tell similar stories.

The most cryptic part to this, is the secret left behind the Lincoln face sculpture.

Inside are a series of upward stair corridors leading to only God knows where.

But the main focus, is what the mountain looked like before it was chiseled over to from the cravings you see today.

What was there before was the rock formation depicting "The Six Grandfathers.

The Horrific Stain Left in American History
One would suggest, that the presidential faces you see up there now left their mark in history.

A DARK MARK, because this story was a bloody tale as two factions battled for sacred territory.

This was a story about ignorance and domination, the American militia bragged how they stole sacred land.

And not only did they steal the indigenous people's land.

They murdered various tribal members. 

This brings us right back to the Interior Department and their sinister solution.

For it was groups such as they who wanted to dispose of the Indian populace.

This was the position taken against the Indian Tribes, and it led to The Great Sioux War.

The U.S. Calvary would emerge victorious.

That forced the Sioux Tribe members into impoverished lands deemed uninhabitable.

The three tribes won their first encounter against the Calvary in 1876.

The tribe lost when the Calvary doubled the size of their army.

The following attacks initiated by the U.S. Calvary proved too much for the tribal clans.

That only resulted in further loss of territory, to the point where they had little left to claim.

As of now, The Little Bighorn Battlefield is considered a national tourist attraction.

When indigenous relatives today visit it, they cry in mourning for those who fought to save their land.

The U.S. Government rubbed more salt in the wound after having railroad tracks and roads built over the remaining areas of the reservation.

The U.S. Government also had their sights set on the elemental resources found within the Black Hills.

These were precious metals such as silver and gold that were high in monetary value.

Various Tribes were now facing issues of starvation, and out of desperation they gave away their land to their opposition.

In the end, the U.S. Government now had total control over the Black Hills territory.

This was an interesting piece of Native American history that many are probably unaware of.

So, I took a moment to share this story with others!

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