4 Astrology Apps You Should Know About

More and more people are turning to Astrology today, and the prime reason why is simple to point out.

It’s because they need answers to either explain or fix whatever is wrong in their life.

Sounds crazy you’re probably thinking, yet at the same time, it rings a bit of truth (especially when it comes down to the problems, we as a society have faced thus far).

In this post, I run through a few popular apps and software that focuses on astrological interpretations, readings, and alignments all projected on a cosmical level.

So, check out some of the Astrology apps and software below, because what you’ll discover will only heighted the level of curiosity that’s already churning deep within the very fiber of your very being.

The Pattern App

The Pattern is a networking site that can allow you to interact with others more profoundly.

You may look into your own pattern to learn more about different aspects of yourself. 

Your timing gives a broader view of what you're dealing with currently. 

The dynamics at work can assist you in overcoming difficult circumstances and seizing great possibilities that you would have otherwise neglected.

Once users sign up for the Pattern App, they will be asked to give their birth date and location.

So, essentially, when users apply certain detailed information, the app will then construct your birth chart that will be used to understand their patterns as they relate to the zodiac.

Included will be all planets and transits relating to them.

With that stated, some app users have expressed dissatisfaction with the program's failure to specify which planets make up the traits.

Another feature of the app is that it will not share the chart elements because it would detract from the cosmic patterns.

The Pattern examines long-term transitions of planets vs their location in your birth chart based on your data (date, time, and place of birth).

You'll be able to see why you'll feel different in the following months this way (or basically, whether you're feeling more energetic or not is up to you).

The ability to match your Patterns with those of your friends or relationship is also a fantastic feature of the application.

And just fair warning this app will get REALLY DEEP into defining your traits and patterns!


You just connect with each other using the app or enter the other party's information.

Then you receive a good summary of your respective strengths as well as areas where you could improve upon.

Stop over there and check out the app you have a moment.


Co-Star App

The Co-Star App is available for download on all major app stores, and if you're curious to know whether or not it's also available for Android phones.

Then good news, because it certainly is!

Banu Guler is the app's inventor, and she's done some really incredible things with it.

The chart styles are simple to see and interpret, and you can also obtain your natal chart from the internet.

Just thought I'd mention that in case you were curious if it was possible to do so.

The interface screen of the app will display things such as the amount of posts you share with others, the number of followers you have, as well as how many people you're following back. 

They even have an email feature where you can send information to others which sounds very handy. 

And it even displays the planetary alignment you're currently in which also can be shared with others.


The program also determines such things like if you're compatible or not with a significant other. 

The program is a common online software analyzer that assists you in finding friends who could be a good match for you.

It can also be used to determine other aspects surrounding turns of events within your life. 

If you're just looking to compare your chart to other users on the app, then feel free to do so.

The information given for each planet (aligning to astrological symbols) and how your astrological sign matches up with every single planet.

If you read a previous post, I published called "5 Electronic Smart Lock Systems You'll Need." 

In the post, I mentioned how NASA and DARPA played a part in the integration of GPS back in the late 1980s.

Well, it was also NASA that has given users the most accurate info that coincides with their horoscope through use of artificial intelligence. 

This will help users to get the best understanding of their zodiac information and alignment.

Guler definitely has a winner when it comes to the Co-Star App, I’m pretty sure it will be around for a longtime and will surely continue to attract users left and right!

Make sure to check out Guler’s Co-Star app soon at https://www.costarastrology.com/ 

The Sanctuary App

The Sanctuary App  

The Sanctuary App gives you a personalized horoscope, and it's accessible in a variety of app stores.

You may create a birth chart and read out its elements using the app.

In terms of interaction the app has an aesthetic design appeal and also has a conversation component that can be used to communicate with other users on the app's platform.

There includes a monthly horoscope as well as basic astrological information in addition to the daily horoscope.

Sanctuary isn't used for just compatibility; some people also use it to discover more about themselves.

Once users open the app, they will be directed to the horoscope for that day. 

They can also engage with the visible interactive components within the region of the app's pages.

Nothing is off limits here; some people may be intrigued to go through a few of their signs to see if they can find the information they're looking for.

They'll also be able to acquire their daily tarot card, which is a popular feature among users.

Another interesting thing about this app is that it's run by real astrologers, which means you'll get the chance to converse with actual astrologers on the app. 

And that's what sets the Sanctuary far apart from the other astrology apps, because the majority of them operate solely through use of algorithms. 

So yes, AI Bots are actually doing the heavy lifting for some of these apps when making assessments about your horoscope readings.

You may explore your natal chart by returning to the app's homepage in the lower right corner, and the dots you see below can be scrolled around by swiping your finger across the face of your smart device (as shown by the arrow pointing right).

When doing so, you'll be able to browse through each category, such as the Hello page, and then swipe over to the Planets page, then the Houses page, etc.

Remember to go through each chart since this will give you the best idea of where you fit in with the various signs and times of your horoscope.

Sanctuary makes astrology fun and simple, and it does a great job to keep you abreast of the key events centered around your life.

Astrology Software Time Passage (for PC & Mac)

If you want to be able to utilize astrology to better define the events of your life effectively, then the Astrology Software known as Time Passages is right for you.

This software allows astrologers to dive deep into the meaning of the events that have shaped your life.

Henry Seltzer, who has a background in computer science and a master's degree in linguistics, designed the program.

He commented about how other astrological user interfaces and apps did not satisfy him upon the readings they displayed to users of the other astrology apps.

That is what distinguishes Astrology's Time Passages from other Astrology applications and computer software tools.

The program is incredibly user-friendly; it's similar to accessing everyday popular websites on the internet's outskirts.

Once you've arrived at the website's webpage, you'll need to click on the download link in order to enable the download process.

You must ensure that you have a suitable internet connection, since a sluggish internet connection may interfere with the installation of the program on your PC.

Keep in mind that any other tabs should be closed (or open windows may also cause the PC to slow down when running the application).

After you've downloaded the demo version of the software to your computer, you'll need to activate the codes that will enable you to operate the application.

You will be prompted to open the email sent from Time Passage (which is sent after you’ve clicked the download link). 

In the email there will be instructions inside to serve as a guide.

The guide will take you step-by-step, so basically it will be in tutorial-like form that helps get you from point A to D. 

Check out the bulletin list below to see the progressive steps laid out:

A.) Download link posted on the software from the Time Passage’s website.

B.) Install the Time Passage software.

C.) Enable Codes.

D.) Enjoy the Time Passage software.

Now I’m not going to get deep into the entire setup process, because I’m just going through the process steps of using the astrology software program similarly to the other three programs I went through thus far.

However, I’m leaving a link if you want to see the entire process in the YouTube videos, I ran into then you may do so by clicking on the links in the sentences below. 

Simply click on the blue link here in front of the arrowhead text > Mac Tutorial - Time Passage Installment for Mac Version  10 to 12.

For the windows version I ran into another video for that, and the link is presented at the end of this sentence just past the arrowhead > Windows Tutorial - Time Passage Installment for Windows. 

Ok, so when you’re all set up and ready to go after watching the setup tutorial videos for either your Mac or Windows PC versions.

Start by clicking on the “file tab” then click on the “new tab” of the chart.

After doing so, you will then need to input personal credentials into the boxed field which will consist of the following:





-Birth Date:                      -Birth Time:

Advanced inputs below will be filled in automatically once you have provided the personal credential information above:



-Time Zone:





All of the shown boxed text fields above will need to be calibrated to your specifications and I have a link to a video at the end of this sentence that will show what text you should enter into those designated areas

Time Passages Astrology Software Intro & Tutorial

Now in the video you’ll see, a lovely young lady (whose channel name is Astrograph Astrology), hashes out Frida Kahlo’s bio-time chart back from July 6, 1907.

There’s also something I noticed about this particular set-up; it’s playing heavy on the numbers which is leading me to believe that part of this astrology analysis is linked to Gematria.

How I came up with that is because I was on Zach Hubbard’s podcast as a call-in guest doing a segment where I was trading some tripped out information surrounding the Apollo 1 Mission and how it’s linked to the movie The Shining.

Most of what I reveal to him aligned directly with Saturn, and I wrote about what Saturn is all about in a PDF eBook I’m about to publish on this website.

If you like to take a listen, then click on the audio at the very top of this post to turn off the narrator voice. 

And then come back down here to click on the audio I provided; so, you can hear what I told Zach on his show that unforgettable day.

Jaye raps with Zach Hubbard (about hidden secrets behind Apollo 11 mission)

That was some mind-blowing stuff!


It’s fair to say that Zach never had a call-in guest like me. 

After I got off the program that night, a ton of callers lit up his panel board intrigued about the info I was dishing out.

Anyhow, not to get off topic with this particular astrology software, I’m going to point out a few more things one can do with the Time Passage online program.

So, on the Astro Chart you see right here above are sections of the chart that you can double click on, and it will show interpretations of the field you selected.

Whoever you’re creating a chart for (or even if you’re creating it for yourself), you want to search out for a person(s), a place, or venue that aligns to that person.

Now, this is where various signs and celestial bodies will come into play.

So, if a person’s sign is Cancer and they are aligned with the Sun (Sun in Cancer), could mean you’re elevated or stressed about a turn of events, or you’re in a bad mood; whichever the case may be.

The software will bring up a small window filled with a paragraph of words as a result of it finding the proper planetary alignment helping it to deduce a correct response.

It will also connect to other elemental factors such as the categories mentioned before such as, Latitude, Longitude, Time Zone, House.

So, if the end result is “Moon in Gemini” ➯ that corresponds with “Moon in the Eleventh House, is seen as an interpretation.

I know this is confusing LOL, and it does sound off-the-mark but that’s just how certain events, places, or people who could fall in them into alignment will be regarded as an interpretation (it could be good or bad, funny, or grief).

But whatever the case may be, it’s an interesting piece of software that has the capability of helping individuals live their lives to the fullest!

However, at the same time, they’re learning more and more about themselves each and every day. 

And the end result is that they walk away with a better understanding of the things that correspond to them in life.

Alright, that's going to do it for now guys; but stay tuned because I have much more coming, you're not going to want to miss.

Take care!

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