8 Tech and Ergonomic Products Dominate the Consumer Market

 Let’s face it folks, technology has been a lifesaver for you time and time again. 

Overtime, it has allowed people to build whole civilizations through use of arithmetic calculations.

And then came the second part of the equation, where people could then apply physical labor to help create pyramids, fortresses, even weaponry. 

The list goes on and on.

The term technology is well-known to many people, it's not a day that goes by where the average everyday individual hears it used someway or somehow.

However, the same can't be said, when it comes to the term ergonomics, it's just not a common term used in conversation.

When you speak that particular term to the average everyday individual, don’t be surprised if they have not a clue of what you're saying.

That being said, will require your classic definition to shine a light on its meaning.

The appropriate term to define the motion of labors performing any physical repetitive task centers around the term known as ergonomics.

Applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.

These are primarily for jobs consisting of heavy labor, or repetitive motions with your fingers.

Worst yet, will be the constant reaching forward to grab products off of conveyor belt lines.

And let's not forget about the classic sitting all day in your chair without taking a moment to stand and stretch out.

And those are just a few issues that will bring discomfort, stiffness, aching of joints and the back area (either the upper or lower regions).

The neck area is a good one, ESPECIALLY if a job involves a lot of looking upward or side-to-side motions.

Even looking downward searching for items on low shelves will cause tension build-up within the neck.

The best-case scenario is picking up fairly heavy objects such as boxes.

You have many people who develop back problems due to the way they lift objects.

The worst thing someone could ever do, is lift boxes all day bending over, WHICH PUTS A TON OF UNNECESSARY STRESS ON THEIR LOWER BACK!

And the end result leads to back aches and sprains, damaging the vertebrate of the back, which can lead to further complications such as a slipped disc.


Then there’s people who apply proper usage of ergonomics to their work routine, and they may still get the occasional aches, and bothersome ailments that all but agitate them to death!

However, there’s a notable solution that can help to combat the aches and sprains, and stiffness of joints.

Here’s a few tech-ergonomic gadgets that may help dissipate that unwanted muscle tension and those back breaking aches.

Neck Relax is a MUST HAVE Ergonomic Tech Massager

First, we’re gonna start with the one area that’s ache prone.


That’s right.

Thousands of people suffer from neck stiffness, aching muscles within the neck region of your body.

There are various reasons why people get these annoying aches in their necks, most of which comes from stress; but all of that is about to end.

Pictured above is showcasing Neck Relax, and this device is all about knocking out those bothersome kinks in your neck!

Sore muscles you’re feeling in the neck region you say?

The Neck Relaxer will iron out that issue as well!

It’s an ergonomic-friendly tool specifically designed to work sore muscle groups of the neck.

The device’s goal is to eliminate tension in the muscles surrounding the vertebrae within your neck. 

The Neck Relax sports a 3D-fit, and it radiates both infrared heat and implies a slight feeling of electrostimulation to relieve tense neck and back muscles. 

Using the Neck Relax device is very simple, manual instructions and online videos can provide additional insight if you’re still not sure how to properly use it.

The machine has a six-mode massager selection mode for users to try out.

The device itself looks comparable to that of headphones.

Although, there’s no point in trying to listen to see if music can play while using it because you’ll wind up being solely disappointed!


Nope, it was created to do one thing in particular.

And that’s to ward off aggravating pains in the neck. 

It will provide the user with numerous hours of usage. 

The Neck Relax is highly recommended by chiropractors and physicians.

Now, I did run across a review website that touches up on Neck Relax’s performance, and the link is posted toward the end of this sentence > Neck Relax Review.

Nevertheless, the Neck Relax sounds like a great fit for you, then scoop one up today and take care of that bothersome kink in your neck! 

Airmoto the Handy Dandy Tire Pump Gadget

This next handy item falls into the classification of tech gadgets.
The device is used to fill up your tires.
Now I know what you’re saying...
“Yeah, but I already have a pumping device to fill up my tires.”

However, I’ll then say.

But how efficient is your air pump device?

Is it new or old?

Does it take a long time to pump air into your tires?

And if that’s the case, then you’re in luck because the device is known as the Airmoto quick pump device.

And this bad boy can pump a tire faster than Mike Tyson can deliver a killer flash right uppercut to his opponent’s unfortunate glass jaw!

Check out the simple steps posted below on how to use this little emergency tire maintenance lifesaver:

Airmoto tire pump hand remote

  • The device is lightweight and portable.
  • It can dish out an astounding 120 PSI of air pressure which will finish the job in a matter of minutes.
  • It comes with a 2000mAH Rechargeable Battery.
  • It also sports a bright LED Flashlight which is needed for nighttime use.

Airmoto’s handy little pump device is just what the doctor ordered for those sad looking low-inflated tires.

Remember, all you have to do is press start to ready the device, and that's basically it! 

When it finishes, it will automatically shut itself off!

And most importantly, it’s super handy when your tire is low, and they need to be pumped up on a cold morning. 

Airmoto will get it done and will save you precious time!

Dudow’s Dream Machine

If you’re having the darndest time trying to fall asleep, then you might have bothersome thoughts running through your mind keeping you awake at night. 

Most people never realize that they have sleeping problems.

No doubt that’s probably the result of a stressful day, and your mind is constantly racing out of control to keep up with a hectic day.

But fear not, there is an interesting technique that can help curve that problem.

The solution lies within a breakthrough gadget known as Dodow.

Dodow is a rhythmic that has been scientifically created to shut off excessive mind processes and quickly ease you into something like a deep tranquil slumber.

Dodow combines yoga, meditation, and behavioral therapy, and is a safe option for individuals who are looking forward to a good night's sleep.

Customers claim, "falling asleep before the 8-minute mode ends" and "not requiring Dodow to fall asleep anymore" after using the sleep aid device after a period of time. < Keep in mind, this is what customers had claimed.

The hypnotic light calms your racing mind.

Keeping your attention on the hypnotic light keeps you from being preoccupied with random intrusive thoughts which disrupts one’s ability to fall asleep.

When you are free of these worried thoughts, your mind immediately calms down, and you eventually enter into a sound sleep.

Carbon Pad Cleaning Method for Glasses

Not washing your hair days on end is one thing, but how can one explain a pair of filthy glasses they can barely see out of?


They have to realize that they need to have good visibility.

That goes double for individuals who drive every day.

If they’re wearing glasses, then they have to remain clean and free of sticky film.

So, what can they do to solve this potentially hazardous issue?

They can do what many optometrists started doing to solve that blurry issue. 

There’s a cleaning substance that can be used to clean the lens of your glasses.

The element factor is invisible Carbon Pads that were once only available to members of NASA.

These carbon pads will remove dust, abrasive particles, oil, and fingerprints instead of smearing like cloths and sprays. 

This patented invisible carbon formula is safe on lenses and used by NASA on the Space Station and by the Military.


They were the only ones using these special cleaning pads then, but now they’re available for you to use them too!

The GoDonut Item Holder

GoDonut is a unique device stand holder that allows you to use various mobile devices hands-free everywhere you decide to go.

This unique device holder is capable of supporting the majority of hand-held devices on the market today.

It's also pre-designed to do the same for devices that have yet to be brought onto the market.

GoDonut would have to have the exact measurements of each and every device that's either similar in size or slightly larger or smaller.

In other words, the designers have already anticipated the designed types that are yet to be released to the consumer market.

That would explain the odd-built design of the GoDonut device holder.

An added plus are its built-in flexible grooves, and I'm willing to bet that's exactly why it can be used to hold just about any device known to consumers.

These grooves weren't designed not only to support your items in a fixed position, but rather to hold and display them at various angles.

Every perspective is visible either in landscape or portrait mode.

Portrait Mode is ideal for online surfing, studying, journaling, and video streaming.

Landscape mode promotes a wider screen format and is great for playing games on the device, viewing films, and typing out long messages, as well as other pastimes.

It just takes a second to switch between portrait and landscape mode, and it takes even less time to select the optimum angle in portrait mode.

There are three key angles the GoDonut can best display your handheld gadgets and there are 45°, 70°, and at the 90° position.

If you plan on purchasing this handy item holder, then make sure to try out all the available viewpoint angles; until you find the perfect tilt that best coincides with your viewing pleasure!

Reviving A Really Old PC!

It’s not just the human body that requires a tune-up from time-to-time (ergonomically speaking), but what can be done when you’re dealing with a slow functioning PC?

How do you go about fixing a solution to rid your computer of unnecessary lag?

Now to be fair, when you mention an issue to the average PC user, they will automatically suggest using some type of anti-virus to fix the lagging.


That sounds like you’re about to play a game of Digital Russian Roulette!

“Well, it says it can restore my PC, and it will remove corrupted programs that hinders its performance.”

And that all sounds like the actual truth about computer maintenance, however, that’s not exactly how it goes.

Is your PC excruciatingly slow? 

Have you pondered purchasing a brand-new computer but the cost of even the most basic model makes you cringe?

Do you wish there was a less expensive method to acquire a FAST computer?

It's really aggravating how computers function with no problems one minute, only to suddenly go stagnant where all functionality just freezes up the next.

And this may be after one spends a crap load of money to buy a program to run on their PC, might actually be doing more harm than good.

Now, that's not to say that all Antivirus Software is trash, it just means that particular programs aren't suitable for your PC device.

And there is one product that has helped many PC users eliminate that annoying lag issue that makes you want to tear the hair out from your head!


Your once-new, lightning-fast computer is becoming slower by the day.

Fortunately, a new technology has lately reached the market, and it restores FAST speed to old sluggish PCs.

And to say it's really inexpensive is an understatement.

Introducing Xtra-PC, and it's just what you've been looking for if you have an old, sluggish PC.

Xtra-PC is a compact flash stick that you just connect into a USB port on your computer.

It immediately replaces your current operating system with a high-performance functioning Linux OS, helping to make your PC run brand spanking new!

It is the simplest method to avoid paying $400, $500, or $800 on a new computer (Mac or Windows).

How Does It Operate?

It's really simple!

What you have to do when running the software on your PC:

  • Plug It In – While your computer is turned off, simply plug Xtra-PC into a USB port.
  • Start Your Computer – Simply choose 'Boot from USB' and you're ready to go!
Take Advantage of Your FAST PC!

You'll be astounded by the change in your computer's performance in less than 15 minutes.

You just need to install Xtra-PC once, and it may be used on several machines!

Sole Insoles redefines the way you walk!

Some activities require you to be on your feet for long periods of time.

Activities as such are usually job related, and the average individual works at least eight hours a day.

Then there are people who are in for the long haul, where they’re pulling 10, 11, even 12-hour days!

And it’s here where they might start to notice a bothersome issue.

No, it may not be that they hate their job.

Instead, it might be the fact that their feet are aching like it’s no tomorrow.

They’re in search of a solution to help protect their poor shins from that hard unforgiving damn floor!

I mean, how long can your poor feet, ankles, and shins stand up to that hard pavement?

Eventually, it’s going to lead to foot fractures, and that’s something neither of us would want to endure anytime soon.

The same goes for athletes involved in sports, namely Track & Field type activities is where a lot of foot injuries tend to occur.

So, what is a notable solution to help solve their ergonomic disposition?

Why it’s a few pairs of insole foot supports (or rather Sole Insoles inputs for Men & Women to be precise!)

One of these products is known as EasyFeet, and it’s an insole-based product designed for internal wear within your shoes.

They are made of soft, yet durable material to help protect your feet from foot ailments.

Same time, it also helps to relieve tension and stress in a few various areas of your lower body.

What Are Some of the Areas They Will Help to Protect from the harsh Pavement?
  • Extra Shock Absorption - Reduces impact on both the knees and feet.
  • Runner's Knee - They help reduce knee joint stress.
  • Plantar Faculties - The insoles support the heel and arch to reduce pain.
  • Shin Splints - They prevent splints and foot injury.
  • Stress Fracture - They reduce overall femoral and tibial stress fracture.

These are the necessary components included to ensure the wearer maximum support and comfort for not only their feet, but the overall lower body region. 

Essentially, Soul Insole is a one of a kind "micro-orthotic insole" that's selling like hot cakes on the consumer market. 

The insoles provide the wearer ergonomic advantages other sole inserts fail to do. 

There aren't any funny odors left-over from constant wear, and the added plus are the cost cuts wearers will NOT have to endure. 

That means, avoiding ridiculous fees due to office visits.

Or even wasting hard-earned money on "so-called" ergonomic-friendly equipment that fails to relieve them of their issue. 

The only thing they should contend with is slipping the inserts within their shoes whether it's high heels, sandals, gym shoes, dress shoes, or boots, and they're off to wherever they need to go! 

For an affordable price of $29.99, one would have to admit is quite worth the investment!

Ladies NEVER Leave Home Without Your Hootie!

Hootie (alarm sounder to ward off attackers)
It's a scary issue to consider, but every woman must have a solution when confronted by a would-be attacker.

So, what's the best strategy to implicate when you sense a stranger lurking behind you?

Even though most of us believe we are doing all possible to defend ourselves, the reality is that the majority of women tend to hesitate when facing a dangerous predicament.

Statistically, 1 out of 4 women will be sexually assaulted at some point in their lives. 

Girl using keys to get into her car
Some women are just too afraid to do anything, period, because they fear angering the attacker and just give into his demands.

Even if she's armed with a firearm, or a small container of pepper spray, she MUST find the courage to use these items of self-defense in order to survive the ordeal unscathed.

So, what's an easier way for them to effectively keep themselves out of harm's way?

They should consider investing in the lifesaver device known as Hootie.

It's quite easy to use, in fact, I recommend you check out the next image below that give you a brief tutorial how to use the device (DON'T WORRY TYPED OUT EVERYTHING BELOW THE BLURRY IMAGE):

Hootie Instructions

  • Pull the pin first - This immediately activates the device.
  • Keep it anywhere - Remember to clip the Hootie alert device to your keychain or backpack, and the same goes for your pockets. The point is to keep it on you at all times, because you NEVER know what could jump off. Even if you're just walking to the end of your driveway to check the mail, trouble could be lying in wait! STAY PREPARED!
  • Hootie Device is Durable! - The device is situated within a hard-plastic shell and is water-resistant and can even withstand and work in harsh conditions.
  • Hootie has a Long-Lasting Battery - The battery should be replaced annually.

DEFINITELY a tool ladies need to even up the odds, because staying safe in 2022, is the name of the game!

Alright guys, that's gonna do it for now.

But make sure to check back to see what else I post later down the line.

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