Declining Fall of the Human Market

People are worried about their futures. It's a growing issue centered around the longevity of the human race. They're afraid of the one thing that can compromise their current existence.

And that one thing is called usefulness.

Will the efforts of a human being even matter within the next 5 to 8 years?

And when I refer to this, I'm talking about their contributions within society itself.

The categories range from careers, to relationships, to socialization, even one's self-worth.

I'm bringing this up, because there will be changes made to shape a new frontier.

And now is the time to sit and contemplate where we will fit into an uncertain future.

Declining Opportunities due to Debilitating Factors

We're now living in a time where people are seeing fewer opportunities.

And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the writing on the wall.

Ever since 2020 arrived things started falling apart in rapid procession.

And now we have become a society subjected to unpredictable lockdowns.

These lockdowns have done ample damage to the economy, not to mention the people who wind-up stuck at home for weeks on end.

I mean, the mask mandates were bad enough. 

And even though we're told masks are no longer needed, how long will that remain constant?

Along with that, is the steady decline in jobs. 

This also includes the growing issue of either acquiring or maintaining shelter.

It's becoming harder and harder for people to pay their rent and house mortgages.

The housing industry has taken its bumps over the years; particularly in 2008.

And upon entering the 2020s, it's now 50 times the size of a juggernaut avalanche!

Now, who wants to be in the way of that disaster waiting to happen?



Let's face it.

This all comes down to unfettered debt!

And its hungry folks, seemingly never-ending I'd say.

Yet, it doesn't want to go away; because people are hoping everything will go back to normal.

Well, that's the problem we're facing as a whole you see.

And you, me, the next two people, then the other five and so on are the ones caught in the middle of it all!

The scariest financial situation has engulfed today’s college students.

God only knows what financial horrors await them every time they're handed a tuition bill.

It's not enough that they have to concentrate hard on their studies. 

They also have to deal with the challenges of peer pressure and acceptability.

Then comes the expectations of achievement placed upon them by their parents.

Back then, parents would pay for their kid's education (however, now that's become an impossibility).

In return, it was mountain loads of pressure building deep-down within them to come out on top!

I'm sure they were sweating bullets left and right, because $20,000 in tuition fees costs about as much as a new car!

Well, that was the asking price back in the 2000s.

Today, it has surpassed that price range by far!

The asking price for a new car today is $46,832 (even though prices may vary).

Keep in mind, that's the average amount (even though that depends on what you're buying).

There are cheaper cars to pick from, although it's more of the same thing. A used car between 4 to 7 years old will cost around $31,046.

Again, understand that these price ranges will differ, but still…


This is why younger generations are 

This is why younger generations such as Millennials (and Gen-Zers who are old enough) are very worried about their futures.

Are Humans Still Marketable or Are They Becoming Obsolete?

The oldest Millennial is now around age 40, for a Gen-Zer it's at 24 years old.

And since that's the case, both the Millennials and the Gen-Zers will be given specific titles.

For the Millennials, they now are the parents (some even grandparents).

The Gen-Zers are becoming parents (while others are soon-to-be parents, and the rest are still children).

And that seems to be the regular progression moving from generation-to-generation, right?


Remember, that we're living in a very costly society now; and finances are getting too tight.

So, tight to the point where people are harboring whatever funds they can, because of the fear for what lies within their future.

Earlier in this post, I mentioned some of the issues in that bulletin point that serves as an inheritance.

And it's NOT a good one!

The Millennials received some financial help from their parents, the Gen-Xers (when starting out in life).

This isn't always the case, because NOT all parents will lend their kids a helping hand.

Now, it's time for certain members of the Gen-Zer generation to step up their roles.

Even so, they will face the same problem their parents are facing, which is financial security.

The greater factor aside will be childbirth, and that's where things really get complicated!

The continual spike in prices is steadily going up, and it's affecting the middle-class!

Two of the generations, the Gen-Xers and the Millennials, are wondering about retirement.

For the Gen-Zers, they're just at the start of the game.

Like the Millennials that first entered into their 20s, were thinking about having children.

That turned out not to be the case, because of the financial disposition they faced at that time.

And it was bad!

Then you can factor in COVID-19, and now that problem is amplified ten-fold!

Because of that, many waited to have kids in their 30s, while others decided not to have any.

It's a way worse situation for Gen-Zers, because they're living in an unforgiving economy.

Their parents are suffering from one of the most compromising issues to this day.

And that's the repayment of student loans!


And some of the Gen-Zers are stuck in the same leaky boat.

Which means, they too will decide to wait before having kids.

That, of course, will lead to yet another problem.

So, the fewer children brought into the world, means the steadily decline in population.

A lower population count will lead to less spending, and that leads to shrinkage of funds.

And when I say funds, I'm talking about the financial decline of the economy itself!


Here’s a list of other problematic issues that may arise as well:

  • The pandemic will continue to pose a threat of one's longevity and financial stability.
  • Speaking of that is the continual spike in prices. If the economy falls below the census, and supply and demand is lower as well would leave people in dire straits.
  • The higher number of consumers will be the Baby Boomer generation. Meanwhile, inflation will continue to rise leaving the later generation groups destitute.
  • If matters within our economy continue to persist, then the United States you know will fall to a 3rd or 4th world status level.
  • The increase of taxation will destroy all traces of Social Security. And if that happens, it will mean people who reach an elderly age will have to continue to work.

One last thing to point the icing on the cake, will be the integration of autonomy.

Many of you already are aware of this, even so, I'm stating it for anyone who doesn't know about it.

Nevertheless, this continual sharp decline of workers (among those who don't want to work) will force companies to take drastic measures.

That drastic measure comes in the form of virtual and autonomous technology.

Production within these fields is highly marketable, and businesses are taking to it like fish to water!

And this will be the greatest cross to bear for the human populace.

So, this only reconfirms the fact that human beings are becoming useless within this radically changing consumer market.


People will have to pull out the stops, and what I mean by that is falling back on a resource or skill. 

And I say that, because you have the continuing rise of both artificial intelligence and automation. 

The long-term objective of the elites will be to fluctuate the stock market at a given notice. 

They did that to trick the public into thinking the economy is gaining steam, when in reality it's actually falling off. 

This is what happened within the economy when the government started processing the stimulus checks. 

People started thinking... 

"WELL GOLLY GEE WILLIKERS! The government gave me a FREE CHECK!" 

Or people will say... 

"Oh wow, a number of my stocks just went up X amount of percent!" 

If only it was that simple, folks. 

The thing is nothing, and I mean NOTHING in this world is free! 

Because whatever money is created by the government, will not be for the benefit of the average citizen. 

It will be for the bigger agenda to throw the economy into a volatile tailspin to crash the fiat dollar. 

And sooner or later, this will also apply to virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. 

People will say no, but I say yes because the Federal Reserve will be the financial element to go after Bitcoin. 

The Exchange Commission and US Securities are not shying away from their objectives to regulate it. 

They intend to gain a stronghold on Bitcoin, and other crypto coins in an forced attempt to bring them under strict control. 

The Fed’s deeper aim will be to drive up costs within the economy that will strangle the dollars’ worth. 

That will cause people to panic, and the end result will be to force them away from the dollar, and into the crypto market. 

This will cause Bitcoin’s value to rise, not to mention the other cryptocurrencies.

Now, people may think Bitcoin’s wealth will continue to grow (and it might). 

Certain big-wig traders like Robert Kiyosaki took an angle on it.

He states Bitcoin will eventually crash. 

And he knows that will be the signal for him, as well as other big investors who will step in to buy while the market is bearish.

That, of course, will make them a whole lot richer!

It’s the polar opposite for small-time investors who will then pull out of the Bitcoin market during that time frame. 

And in the midst of it, some will walk away with either a very sizable or a lesser return. 

With that said, Kiyosaki does have a point about investing into Bitcoin because it has the potential to bring an individual vast revenue.

For me, I’m not deeply into cryptocurrency because it’s very volatile in terms of its financial stability. 

At the same time, this could be a fail-safe for many; especially if the dollar’s value were to die out.

After all, you do need some form of currency to fall back on. 

Even so, investments must be made carefully because like the dollar, Bitcoin isn’t backed by anything but faith.

As time goes on, more people will probably reconsider buying into it, due to the rise in unemployment thanks to the pandemic.

Other reasons will be due to the emergence of autonomous bots, and the continued advancements of technology.

And seeing all of this pan out is hard for many to handle.

But still, with the decline of the human market we’ll either buy into it (and yes, that includes me). 

And if not.

Then we’ll all simply cease to exist permanently!

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