Putin and Zelensky are really stretching out this War Economy Market!

Matters surrounding the war conflict between Presidents Zelensky and Putin are continually winding down.

And it's not hard to see who's sitting firmly in the control seat.

That would be one Vladimir Putin, and everything hinges on what actions he’ll take next.

Now, many continue to think that Salinsky had the firepower and strategic mindset to overpower Putin.

Well, that seems to be a miscalculation. A miscalculation that would have to center around strategic planning and cunning surprise attacks.

Coupled in this, was the intervention initiated by NATO.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is known for stepping into situations such as this.

Although, the reason they do it is not to escalate tensions between two factions.

Instead, they try to defuse such situations before they get out of hand.  

But that was hardly the case, for they wound up in a hairy disposition after sending Ukraine supplies to combat Putin's militant forces.

Now things have shifted slightly in Ukraine's favor. 

Nevertheless, Russia still has various military equipment many probably haven't heard of.

So, if they wanted to, they could have taken things to the next level... 


Now, NATO fails to measure up in comparison to Russia's arsenal of weaponry in every category imaginable.

Russia is working with thousands of nuke missiles, as opposed to NATO's few hundred in stock.

And in the early stages of the war, there was mass destruction of equipment, the loss of lives, and mounting wartime expenses that continue to rise!

Some people are probably thinking Ukraine could gain advantage over Russia with the help of both the U.S. and NATO.

So, the U.S. Government intervened by helping NATO supply the necessary equipment and troops to Ukraine. 

And that’s what helped to shift the odds into Ukraine's favor, although it wasn’t enough to completely knock Russia out of the picture.

Russia was a very tough opponent for the Ukrainian military forces.

Most of which is thanks to Putin's well-trained military forces and weaponry.

And that’s where I started thinking about Putin's attack methods.

I think he was pulling wartime strategies from Napoleon's historical tactics back from the 1800s.

Keep in mind, that what I'm thinking goes on theory more so than proven fact.  

See, Napoleon's Grande Armée was very efficient when it came down to catching their enemies off guard.

And once they have them at a disadvantage, they would quickly swoop in to break up an opposing armies' defenses and thus, gain control of the war.

In Putin's case, that seems to be the latter. 

Instead, he's using Napoleon's most noteworthy tactic.

And what could that be?

It's his ability to think strategically, by simply pushing his troops straight-forward into Ukraine.

And that will account for a large percent of any war.

If you throw out basic strategic planning, then it all goes to s**t!

Well, you know what that last word is going to turn out to be! 

Well, you know what that word will turn out to be.


Putin's Napoleonic tactic is to concentrate his army’s efforts to plow straight through the enemy’s defenses.

It's a blunt, straight to the point way to seize and control an enemy's battlefront.

The greater concern will be what will Putin do, if NATO were to call in for reinforcements.

Well, I think many people know the answer to that one...

He would turn to Chemical Warfare!

People may argue that radiation leakage results from chemical weapon usage (which it does). 

The worry is that the radioactive chemical might kick back toward areas within Russia. 

Although, that's unlikely to happen.

And the reason for that is because Putin made sure that any radiation spill will cover only the targeted area of the missile strike.

The missiles in his employ can be calibrated at a certain level of detonation, and thus, the amount of chemical spillage is reduced.

And that’s if Putin decides to engage in chemical warfare.

Now, I might be wrong on that, even so, the expenses are tallying up at an alarming rate folks! 

And after it's all said and done, who's going to be picking up the tab for all this destruction?

The income source will no doubt come from the hard-working middle class!

Because it will take a herculean effort to get Ukraine back on track after everything ceases.

I pointed out in a few posts back, how money is the key motivating factor behind all of this.

Remember, in a previous post when I mentioned what the character Drebin 893 told Solid Snake?

"But hey, this war economy puts the food on my table!"

Yeah, that's exactly what he told Snake.

I'm thinking some damning information is being held from us.

Like I said, war costs a lot of damn money to maintain, and someone's gotta help pay the bills!

Same time, there are BIG TIME investors placing high financial stakes on this war. And you best believe that Jack!

Bury that one deep in mind...

One last thing to point out, and that's what's being shown to the viewing public.

This recent fiasco that took place at events such as the Oscar Awards, is just a way to distract everyone's attention from the war conflict.

As of now, when you get on the net; you're likely to see that it's all about Will and Jada Smith. 

That's one...

Then there’s the remarks that Zoey Kravitz made in regard to Jaden Smith...

That's two...

And lastly, what action will Chris Rock take behind being slapped silly on national television at the Oscars of all places!


To me, that's a HUGE wave of information centered around celebrities to draw attention away from something greater.

I'm just saying, because the elite know it takes a series of "CULTURE SHOCK" events to distract the public at large.

Meanwhile, any important details said about the war aren't being FULLY seen.

Things such as the use of EMPs, have been thrown into the mix as well.

Anyone who knows what an EMP attack can do, knows that it can be devastating!

And it's not to us, but our electronics; for an EMP attack will fry electronic devices thousands of miles away from its aerial location.

That’s pretty damn far! 

So, it could cripple a dozen or more states at a time. 


And if an EMP is launched close to the power grid, well, then it would be a hell of a lot worse!

So, we'll have to wait and see what's gonna be next...

Just cross your fingers and hope that Zelensky and Putin can come to terms! 

And thus, bring his senseless conflict to an end already!

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