5 Fix It Tricks for Blogger Formatting Issues (Updated Playable Video Available!)

Now, I know many of you have had one heck of a time doing the one thing that's required on Blogger’s websites.

And that's formatting the contents within your posts.

Now, if you tell me, you never had to do such a thing! 

Then I'll say... PROVE IT! 

Prove to me that you NEVER had not one issue when dealing with texts within your post content on Blogger!


I want to hear how you go about formatting your blogger content on your Blogger website!


So, make sure to respond by posting a message within the Contact Section of my website. 

I'll try to respond back as fast as I can!


Anyhow, I'm going to share a few formatting tricks I like to use that help me properly layout my content.

And after you learn them, they will do the same for your content as well!

#1 - Blogger Fix: Use the Period Wisely!

It's not much to many, but the period is worth its weight in gold when trying to format stubborn blogger content. 


Now this comes in handy after adding an image within the body of your content.


So, after selecting, and adding whatever image you wish to include in your post.


You will notice something a bit off with your image.

It centers in the middle of the page (which isn't uncommon). 

But say if you're trying to get your image over to the left or right side of the page. 


Yeah, it quickly becomes a problem because the image GETS STUCK FOR SOME ODD REASON! 


Now, I have to say that I have noticed these problems a while back when I started back using the Blogger application.


And I was determined to nail it down in terms of finding an end all solution to this > "Ready to pull the deep roots out of my hair type of problem!!"


So, I knew it was a coding issue, yet I couldn’t fully determine what exact course of action to take to fix it.


And that's where I came up with the idea to just place a period above the text.

Matter of fact, I'm going to type in a period under a sentence.

Then I'll down space below it to an open space which is where I will insert my image.

Next, go ahead and insert your image.

When you do insert your image, it may either get stuck in the middle.

Or sometimes, you might be able to left-clicked it into place anyway.

But don't be surprised if the fonts below wind up being spaced too far away from the image!

Yeah, I know...

The Joys of using this crazy Blogger Application is Priceless!

But never fear Blogger content creator.

There is a way around that little issue!

Start by highlighting the image.

Then copy it by holding down "ctrl" and tap the "C" key and release the "ctrl" key.

Then go ahead and delete the image by holding down "ctrl" and tap the "X" key to delete the image.

Now, your cursor should be still centered at the spot where your image was just at.

From there, backspace back over to where the period is (and yeah backspace into it until it goes away).

Make sure to backspace until you're two spaces down below from the sentence directly above.

And now, re-paste your image back to the newly left-aligned spot (in the vicinity of where the left arrow is pointing at).

So now, it's almost left-aligned.

And you'll more in likely see that your image is slightly tabbed over towards the right.

Accompanying the issue, is the https://blogger.googleusercon... link that is keeping you from fully left-aligning your image.

This unformatted hyperlink tends to appear after toggling the left and right arrow keys back and forth across the face of the image.

And it's a very annoying formatting issue if you don't know how to go about fixing it.

So, as before, I have a very simple trick to resolve that issue (unless you already know how to remove it > Then Cheers Friend).

For those who have not, proceed on to the next section.

#2 - Fixing that stubborn Google Hyperlink

Like I said before, you will have to figure out a way to remove that stubborn google hyperlink that's keeping you stuck and wasting your precious time!

Remember, the hyperlink will be exposed once you toggle back and forth over the face of the image with your left or right directional arrow keys.

So, once the link is visible, all you need to do from there is click on the "clear format icon" which is positioned over toward the far right (just beyond the pencil-like edit icon).

Once you click on it, the image will then FULLY align left!

That has got to be the easiest fix of the century, although, in terms of digital time years within a digital realm that's probably what... Like 10,000 years?

Um... Not sure?

But one would have to agree that technology is ever so rapidly changing, and a few months' time of digital evolution is vastly quicker than we realize.

Nevertheless, after clicking on the hyperlink's clear format icon your image should line up perfectly left-aligned!

Oh yeah, you can adjust the size of your image like the one shown on the right.

Alright, now it's time for the next trick you're going to want to know about.

So, let's go already!

#3 - Blogger Format Fix: Regulate your Content using Google Docs Trick

Google Docs is no doubt a lifesaver (even though, using any of their services does put you square under their “watchful eye”).


Nevertheless, this online application can get the job done in a unique way.

And that brings me to my next case in point with this next formatting trick. 

So, whenever I start typing out my content; I do so at hemingwayapp.com.

And for those who may not know what Hemingway is; it's basically a writing app that helps you write better.


Simple enough right?


Because the problem comes in when you copy and paste in your content onto your Google Docs page.

Traces of the Hemingwayapp format will fuse itself within the elements of your Google Docs page!

As a result, you're left with different colored backgrounds and highlighted texts! 

So, the first thing you will need to do is highlight all of the text.

You can do so by holding down "ctrl" and tap the "A" key.


Now, comes the part of choices.

It's really up to you here what you plan to do with whatever content you place in your google doc webpage.

So, the Hemingwayapp text you have posted can be manipulated by changing the color of the background, or changing highlight colors behind the fonts, even changing the fonts' color themselves.

Same thing goes for re-formatting the entire page filled with text.

Keep in mind, that's what you will have to do if you're using Hemingwayapp, and you decide you want to paste your content on a Google Docs page.

Now, when you're copying and pasting something from your Google Docs to your blogger page IS VERY SIMPLE AND EASY!

There's just one rule to follow when doing so...


And that will be followed by the question you're probably thinking.

"Why bother to do so?"

Well first, it's because you can use Google Docs to help root out misspelled words.

Docs is even good enough at spotting where a word should be inserted or taken out of a sentence.

Second reason is because I noticed the more times you keep pasting in additional text to what you have already posted at Blogger beforehand might bring about a formatting issue.

Now, you might get away with it, BUT STILL you're playing Blogger Russian Roulette because I used to go back and forth pasting in text numerous times myself.

And eventually it will probably lead to formatting issues such as enlarged words, or another one is words running off of the page!

If either one of those issues so happen, you can simply highlight the text and click the "clear formatting tool".

Even though, sometimes that may not even work.

If it doesn't, then highlight and copy the text, then go over to Google Docs and paste it in over there.

Once there highlight the desired text and use Docs' clear formatting tool to break it out of that stubborn Blogger format.

Then you can re-format back to whichever desired text you choose on Docs, also make sure to highlight and copy the text again.

From there, you will simply go back to the blogger website; highlight where the desired piece of text was and clear format it there.

And finally, paste in the fresh text that you brought back from Google Docs.

Hopefully, that helps those who have ran into that problem.

Yeah, that's what makes Google Docs so damn handy!

Even though, I'd be the first to say that's it's not a perfect tool, but it's good enough to get the job done!

So, everything is on track here at Google Docs, and now it's time to move onto the next trick.

#4 - Blogger Format Fix: Just Type it in the Search Box, Copy, then Paste!

This trick can be used and is a very uncanny way to break up stubborn Blogger formatted content.

At the very top of the browser's web page, you'll see the iconic Browser Search Box Field (just as it's pictured above).

Keep that in mind, because it will be needed in a moment.

So, if you're on your blogger post page typing, when suddenly, you can't down space to the next line below means one thing...

You just type your way right into a formatting issue!




Hey, look these things happen right?

You know it!

And yes, there's a way around it!

All you have to do here is copy the problem area of text, and then paste it into the browser's search box. 


And then highlight and copy it while it's in there and that's it!

Now, before you paste it back at the desired location within your post. 


You'll need to first break up the format of the problematic text that's still parked in its spot.

To do that, you simply highlight the problem text and then click the clear formatting icon I mentioned before.

Once you reset the stubborn text, you can now paste in the text you copied from the browser's Search Box (and don't forget to backspace until you delete your period first in the above sentence before placing in your text!)

And now you should have workable text, and you can go ahead and finish up your typing!

#5 - Blogger Format Fix: That Bothersome Lower Image Loading Issue

Now, one last thing you might want to know about is when you upload an image, it will sometimes appear at the very bottom of the page!

I know, that can be annoying.

But hey, we're talking about Blogger here!


Yeah, it's a FREE open source, but that didn't mean it was going to come with all of those WordPress fixings!

Anyhow, back to the matter at hand!

So, I notice that sometimes when I upload an image to my website, I'll see that the image gets stuck at the bottom of the page.

You'll even see the tab sitting where you can see it from the higher position (like shown in the image above).

But again, the image is all the way at the bottom of the page for Pete's Sake!

Now why that happens, I cannot even begin to explain...

But what I did notice, was that all you have to do is simply hold down "ctrl" and then tap the "C" key to copy it (yeah, it's just that simple).

And after doing that, you want to do the same thing you would with a centered formatted image.

So, you want to cut the image from its downward location.

That of course, can be done by holding down "ctrl", and then tap "X" to remove it.

Now, don't forget to plant your period in the designated left-aligned location just under the sentence near the spot where you want your image to go.

And again, your objective will be to paste in your image underneath where the period would be in that designated empty space.

Remember, once you paste in the image in the desired location it should then be centered (stay in your current area on the webpage).


Then, where your cursor is situated in its current centered position, backspace all the way until the period is gone.

Then re-paste in the image, highlight and copy it, then delete it, and then re-paste back in.

Again, it will be partly left-aligned, so click on the image and toggle your arrow directional keys back and forth to reveal the https://blogger.googleusercon... hyperlink.

Then, click on the hyperlink icon tab, so that the image will be FULLY left-aligned.

From there, you can simply re-paste back in the image like before (I mean, it's basically the thing you've heard before).

You can also stretch the image out to your liking.

Now, you might be tempted to scroll down to the bottom of the page.



Just stay at your current position on the page and paste back in the image and that's it!

From there...

It's Happy Blogger Typing All the Good Long Day is what it all boils down to!

Now, if you're still not sure on how to do these tricks don't worry! 

I will be doing a follow-up video for this post, so look out for it, because I will be posting it at the bottom of the page below!

Other than that, there you have it, "Five Fix Tricks" I like to use that can help knock out Blogger's annoying format issues!

Alright, see you again soon! 👍

Give the video a number of seconds to load up first.

Then tap on the Video Icon located at the mid-section of the Video's image to play.

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