Elon Musk Says: Gimme That Twitter!

I can surely say that no one saw this one coming...


Certainly not Twitter, and certainly not the users who jump on and off the Social Media platform, day in, and day out.


So, what's all the commotion about that's stirring up some serious mixed feelings over at Twitter?


Well apparently, Elon Musk has decided to make the move to acquire all of Twitter. 

And many users on the platform aren't too pleased about the announcement.


There is a reason for this I believe, and that's what I'm going to point out here and now.

Elon Musk's Stake in Acquiring Twitter

I mean, it makes you wonder why a billionaire magnate like Musk, would take interest in buying Twitter? 


Now, I gotta say, many of Twitter's users will miss this right away as to why he's dead set on owning Twitter.


The key reason seems to be an obvious one, and many I'm sure feel that it's time Twitter gets a digital makeover.


And I believe Musk is keenly monitoring some of the activity that has been taking place on the social site.  


And what he's checking for, centers around the users who want to get their voices heard on the platform.


So basically, he wants everything to be straight down the middle, in terms of individuals being able to voice their opinions without being censored.


One can DEFINITELY say that he's not wrong there!

People should be heard, that's an Amendment right that everyone should be able to make use of. 


And not just for the selected few that see things in a different light.

People have to communicate with each other, whether it's good or bad.  


And if there is a difference in viewpoints, then talk about those differences like rational adults and come to a resolution. Instead of canceling someone right off the back, because they don't see things the way someone else does.


That's one of the prime reasons why I believe he wants to buy all of Twitter's digital real estate.

Speaking of which, that did fester some SERIOUS firestorms on Twitter!


And you know I'm referring to the $43,000,000,000 Musk is willing to put up for the purchase of the Social Site.


Well, that got met with some immediate pushback from both platform users, and prominent figures.


Some feel that Musk is stepping way out of bounds to take full control of Twitter and change its policies.

And that's where people such as Twitter's Chief Executive Parag Agrawal Sunday evening spoke out about Twitter's primary goals.


Agrawal feels that what Musk is attempting to do may interfere with the company's objectives. 


He suggests that any of Musk's publicly made statements to buy out the social magnate should be "tuned out".


But that does bring up the burning question...

What exactly is Twitter's aim?

And why are they pushing back super-hard against Musk's expensive offer?


Well, there are a few hints.

Because let's face it there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Twitter for a long while now.

Elon Musk: Analyzing Twitter's Problems

So, what do I mean there right?

Well... You saw what happened when Senator Ron Johnson rounded up the CEOs of Twitter, Facebook, and Google.


But Johnson's key aim was deadlocked on Twitter!

And it was over a damaging tweet, that would have cost him a future run as Senator serving on a seat in Congress.


Johnson was piping hot over a tweet he said has painted him out to be a sadistic person who gets off by hurting animals.


It was a tweet published by Mary T. Hagan, who's Twitter handle (@marytheses5) seemingly stands behind her statement.


Even so, something just doesn't seem quite right about Hagan.

Why would she even want to engage in something such as this?

Hmm... It just strikes me as rather odd.


The weirder thing about it all, is how she stated within the infamous tweet that she lied about what she said!


So, she admits she lied about all of it, and yet, she's STILL allowed to remain on Twitter?

And how does that work!?


I mean, it would be a total 180° shift, if it was let's say: a conservative supporter taking a jab at a Democrat Senator.


Indeed, and it would get resolved in a hurry!


It's because of the enforced narrative that sets a particular standard.


And if that standard isn't accepted as "truth" then it's to be censored immediately without question!

Senator Johnson verbally drilled CEOs Zuckerberg, Pichai, and really blasted out Dorsey!

He asked Dorsey why Twitter didn't take the proper action to delete the false tweet from their database.


Unfortunately, the Senator didn't get too much of an answer out of Dorsey. 

In fact, he was just wasting time trying to shake down Ol' Boy Jack for some much-needed answers.


Now, the reason Johnson was on Dorsey so hard, was because of the amount of lying tweets that followed after Hagan's initial tweet.

It got so bad to the point that even George Takei (a.k.a "Mr. Sulu") joined in the meme session with others to post similar tweets about Johnson.


And for those who are big time Star Trek fans, would know that Takei, is one of the original actors of the series.

So, I'm thinking this is what Musk was referring to about nonsensical issues taking place on Twitter’s plateau.

I mean, it wasn't a big secret when this matter came to light. 

Ironically, not much at all has happened to Dorsey; the worse he got was being yelled at in front of millions of viewers.

The Senator even dug REALLY DEEP and brought up Twitter and Facebook were favoring left-wing narrative information in regard to the 2020 election.  


And why would I say this?

It's because that very same tweet was still left on the database untouched for all to see. 

Millions of people were watching all of this unfold; among them, was the enigmatic Elon Musk who surely watched this drama playout as well. 

Musk feels that Dorsey should take steps to improve his social site. 

He once suggested that Twitter should get rid of fake accounts, internet trolls, and online bullies in order to properly regulate the site.

I guess he sees this as Reckless Cannon Fodder, then needs to be put in check!

Most importantly Musk believes in the promotion of free speech, in which he feels Twitter is severely lacking.

He believes more and more people will eventually turn away from Twitter, to find a more user-friendly social media site they can speak freely at.


So, the remaining question is…

Will Musk be allowed to lead the Twitter revolution?


Will Musk Actually Get His Hands on Twitter? 


So, how many Twitter shares can Musk actually buy?


He’s ready to invest $54.20 per share in the company’s stocks. 



Musk even stated publicly that he was planning to buy Twitter in cold-hard cash:

“As a result, I am offering to buy 100% of Twitter for $54.20 per share in cash, a 54% premium over the day before I began investing in Twitter and a 38% premium over the day before my investment was publicly announced,” he wrote. “My offer is my best and final offer and if it is not accepted, I would need to reconsider my position as a shareholder.”

                                                                                                                         - Elon Musk

Nevertheless, the company has taken steps to keep itself unattainable, as stated in a document the social site changes its condition upon purchase by anyone - ESPECIALLY Musk!

Stepping back and looking at this from an honest perspective…

If I was Musk, I wouldn’t bother to try and buy out Twitter.

Musk even said he doesn’t think he would be able to purchase the company outright.

I’m even saying that outright! LOL. 



I get what Musk is trying to do, but I just don’t see him getting enough backing support for him to buy into it FULLY.

And in his statement above, he did say that he wasn’t too sure of his chances of bagging Twitter lock, stock, and barrel. 

But I think this is all about Musk’s one tweet, where he slams US regulators calling them bastards. 

He was angered about Twitter violating his private tweeted content back in 2018 about establishing his franchise as a private organization.

So, maybe this is just about a corporate takeover of Twitter, and Musk’s aim will be to do some SERIOUS renovations to straighten out the entire platform.

That’s if he can ever get his hands on Twitter!

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