Looks like Twitter Users will be dealing with Elon

So, he's gone and done it by snagging the supposed unclaimable Twitter.

And some Twitter users are either for it, or against it.


Even so, the original angle was to keep Musk from getting a hold of Twitter.


This is why members sitting on the board were pushing the "poison pill" concept to undermine Musk's offer.


He was allowed to own $54.20 per share, even though it wouldn't be enough to satisfy the soon to be crowned Twitter CEO.

As of now, Musk has only bought the company. 


He now owns one of the major big tech entities living aboard the internet.


Now, Twitter users want to know what this means for them now that ownership has shifted into the hands of Musk.


Well, he did say he wasn't digging the activity taking place on the social site.


Musk said he wanted to purge fake accounts, remove trolls from the site, and even talk about changing up Twitter's dynamic look. 

And that’s not to mention how Twitter caved in on its promise to keep its brand away from buyers.


Fast forward a week later (which is this week) and they’re now a privatized company bought by Musk's 44 billion dollars. 


But there's something many people might have missed 8 months ago. 


And that's the public thrashing of two current CEOs, and one former CEO. 


Who was doing the thrashing? 

Credit: YouTube

It was Senator Ron Johnson who was targeting them. Although, it was one he focused "laser-like" precision on. 


Johnson took direct aim at Jack Dorsey (Twitter's former CEO) over a published viral tweet made about him on the platform. 


Most of you know what happened there I'm sure, and if not, then allow me to refresh your memory. 


The tweet in question was posted by Mary T. Hagan, who stated her next-door neighbor Johnson had strangled her dog. 


And after that tweet was released, a firestorm soon after rained down upon Senator Johnson on the internet. 


That was something the Congressman wasn't going to take lying down! 


So, he arranged a meeting with Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, and Jack Dorsey. 


During the Skype meeting, the senator was to discuss the regulations of the 47 U.S. Code § 230 Communications Decency Act. 


Well, that topic soon shifted over to the matter surrounding a tweet targeting Johnson as an animal hater. 


This, of course, angered Johnson. 

Credit: YouTube

He relayed to Dorsey how disinformation on Twitter would hurt his chances for re-election within the Senate primary. 


That was one of the reasons why Johnson set out to discuss the guidelines of the Communications Decency Act. 

The Communications Decency Act was being used to protect big tech companies from being held liable for digital information posted by their users (even though, it was being used unlawfully).

And that was a concerning issue conservative Twitter users wanted to get addressed. 


That didn't go well for them, because they either got suspended or banned from the platform.


And that's why Johnson was pressing for Dorsey to take down the bogus tweet. 


Dorsey informed Johnson that the matter is handled by Twitter's enforcement of fact-checkers. 


Nevertheless, Johnson suggested that big tech has the power to affect the outcome of an election.


And he's correct in saying that using disinformation against anyone is public slander. 

Any form of slander can shift public opinion in an instant! 


Now, I think this is where Elon Musk comes in to fix incriminating issues such as this on Twitter. 

Surely this worried Twitter staff members. And among its staff is the platform's Head of Site Integrity Yoel Roth 


Roth heads a team of information fact checkers who searches for inappropriate tweets. 


Roth has to wonder if he and the team will be replaced with a more forth-coming team of fact checkers. 


The more interesting scope to all of this now rests on the shoulders of Tesla.


Because the situation now centers around Musk's alliance with Twitter.


After buying Twitter Musk's Tesla stock started to tumble fast. 

And surely investors had to be worried about any of their investments made with the company. 

Another aspect will be Twitter stock belonging to individual shareholders. 

Now that Musk fully controls it, he could make a move to buy out the individual stockholders. 


And from there all Twitter shares will then go to him. 


Another thing to ponder on is whether or not Twitter goes off the stock exchange, because it's now a private entity! 

Rumor also has it that China, is secretly pulling the strings behind this monetary affair.


But the biggest thing that will rattle all of Twitter along with its users, will be the reconstitution of speech.   

So, going forward, how will Musk shape any existing speech digitally made on Twitter? 

And will any of the site's regulations remain the same or be changed? 


This even goes down to the basic elements of Twitter's functionalities. 


Changes that Musk could make there will be done to his liking and not the user's. 


These are just a few things that users probably haven't realized yet. 

But they will soon... 


The 2020s decade is proving to be full of surprises people aren't to expect! 


What's for sure, is that Twitter now has evolved into a constrained system. 


And if you ask whether it's still a social site made for users is NOT the case anymore.

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