Creating a Blogger Sitemap for my Website (Video Included)

Hey guys! 

Today, I'm going over a few things when setting up a sitemap for your blogger website.


As you know, having a sitemap for your website is a MUST if you're expecting to get your site indexed on Google's search engine.


It's detrimental for every online brand to have one.

Because without it, your business will struggle to expand; and worse, it will die off as time persists.


So, let's jump into this matter to get it resolved!

Go to the Settings Section of your Blogger Website 

Drop by the Settings Section of your Blogger Site (make sure you look for the small cogwheel icon).


First things first, login to the backend of your blogger website (you MUST have a Gmail account to do so). 

Once inside, visit the Setting Page of your blogger site.

When you’re there, you then want to scroll down from the top of the page until you come to the section labeled "Crawlers and indexing". 

It's here where you will click on both the "Enable custom robots. txt", and the "Custom robots.txt" button switches. 

Make sure that both buttons are "green" which indicates that your blogger site is now ready to be crawled. 

Once done, look toward the bottom of that section and you'll see the "Google Search Console" link (you'll see it as a green link).

Click on that!

You'll now be taken to Google's Search Console.


When you arrive at a section of the Google Search Console, you want to type in your website's address.

" alt="" width="1200">  

I'm using a prefix URL, so I will be typing my details in on the right side.

After I click on the "Continue" button (on the right side), ownership of my site has now been verified.

Following that, will be the start of the Google Search submission process.

Keep in mind that you'll also receive a notification email inside your Gmail account (although, the "Go to Property" will take you to the same destination).


You want to go check it out, and once there click on that email.

Because one of the selectable choices will take you to the next part of the sitemap setup.  

The one you want for the sitemap submission process (unless you're selecting any other) will be #3; or the blue hyperlink button named "Submit a sitemap".

Click on that. 

Now you'll be taken to the most important part of the submission process.

So, finally you’re here at the Google Search Console page. 

And while here, you will need to type in the "sitemap.xml" address part of your website.

After your finished, you want to then click on the blue "Submit" button.

Also, allow for the sitemap process enough time to take effect (it may take a day or so, until your website will be FULLY linked to your sitemap).

And that's basically it!

Just make sure to check your email for any notifications afterwards.


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