Strange Alignment Merging Between Unreal Engine 5 and the Matrixverse

What does that even mean when the word Matrix is inserted within a sentence?

Well, just hearing the word alone, is an immediate throwback to the movie The Matrix.

And what many tend to remember about the movie, was the various abilities Neo possessed.

Although, that, of course, was set in motion after Neo (your basic computer hacker) encounters Morpheus.


Once Morpheus confronts Neo, he offers him the chance to embark on a journey unlike anything ever known.  

The Matrixverse Versus Reality

This is where Morpheus shows off two pills, one blue the other red. 

Neo, finally gathering his senses from the shock of going from a normal day; to a chaotic afternoon chooses the red pill.

And soon after he's thrust into a world where logic is severely contradicted. 

He then embodies a terrifying persona, he's beside himself riddled with uncertainty! 

And this is where Morpheus steps in as "teacher" to bring him up to speed of the role he will later take on.

And that's where the fun begins...


See, Neo's abilities inside of the Matrix were damn near unlimited (some may argue that down). 

Yet, he's able to reconstitute the crap out of the Matrix reality realm without breaking a crack of a sweat!  

The Matrixverse Embodies Unreal 5's Reality Engine

So, his basic abilities range from extreme agility, super-like strength, telekinesis, even the power of flight.  

His reality powers are his most optimal abilities and seeing how he uses them in the movie mirrors that of a video game.


Because with this newest throwback of Matrix movies, came the mixed reviewed movie The Matrix Resurrections.

And this is where fans were SERIOUSLY pissed off, because the movie failed to measure up to stellar standards.  


Even so, it's just like Critical Drinker said about this revamped franchise.  



And I can't say he's wrong. 

I mean, who wants to be told a similar story again that has already come and gone?

Exactly... No One! 

Yet, that's what longtime fans got in a nutshell.

The funny thing is there's actually a silver lining in all of this.


And that's where Unreal Engine 5 comes in. 

Now, you're probably wondering why Unreal Engine 5 has jumped into the mix?

Well, I'm thinking it's three key reasons why the two franchises have joined forces.

  • Money.
  • More Money.
  • Milk whatever they can out of a now done and over with cinematic concept (so, in other words…)



Other than that, being the obvious, is the virtual/digital ingenuity that Unreal Engine 5 has to offer. 

And what they've done is elevated the old concept of the Matrix to a "replica version" that mirrors real life.


I mean, this is what it was ultimately coming to right?

That means, we're at a level now where Virtual Reality damn near mimics Material Reality in every way known to us.  

How the Unreal Engine 5 system does this, is through use of a process called MetaHuman Actor Digital Scanning. 

The MetaHuman Creator system operates upon a cloud-based application. The app gives users the power to create photorealistic digitized beings. 

And not only can it do it with humans, but it can also replicate clothing, shoes, weapons, etc.

Seeing that got me thinking about a movie most people never hear about called Videodrome

Videodrome operated in a similar, yet still vastly different way.

And "manifesting" the world of fiction to REAL was its game! 

This happens when someone plays what I like to notate as a "magical videotape".

In that movie, Dr. Oblivion tells the anti-hero Max Renn that Videodrome is the retina of the mind's eye.

And what the good doctor was really saying, was that using the Videodrome system establishes its own version of reality. 

So basically, it's like pouring layers of butterscotch over ice cream. 

The "layers" serve as an overlay of an alternative reality pouring out onto the original one.

From there, the rules of reality can now be manipulated, and the users even take on a physical metamorphosis thereafter.

This is why Renn's video content distributor named Marsha, tried to warn him about if one decides to view a Videodrome video.

Videodrome is basically a copycat system, not directly kicking out a perfect duplicated reality.

Instead, it imitates the user's deepest thoughts. And then slowly, but surely manifests it to REAL!

And this is how I view virtual reality, as well as human anatomy. 

Why human anatomy?

It's because you still need a human being to participate by allowing themselves to undergo Unreal Engine's scanning process. 

Once the program has your physical dimensions, along with your  hair, eye, and skin color.

It's ready to go!

And other thing it needs is the person's movements, how they move, how they talk, etc.

And when it all comes together, you now have the most terrifyingly real creation or who or whatever it may be!

Now with all of that being said, brings up a much-deserved question many will ask.

"I wonder if any of this can be applied to autonomy technology?"

"After all, this will serve as the next level of standard."

And I say you’re correct if that's what most of you are thinking.

All of it comes from humans PERIOD. 

If you don't have us, then how can autonomous bots function?

How would virtual reality be able to exist in a 3D-based digital reality?

Again, it comes from us!

And from here will lead me to a conclusion as to how. 


I browsed an article done by Adolfo Eliazàt, and I didn't agree with everything he was saying in the post.

Although, I did notice a particular sentence that caught my attention right away.  

And it's here, where Eliazàt says the following statement...

"Rather, AI is performing many tedious and manual tasks and providing value from recognition and conversation systems to predictive analytics pattern matching and autonomous systems."  

- Adolfo Eliazàt

He didn't see any problem with any of that, but I certainly did.

Right now, and I know some of you hear this already.

We now have autonomous limbs with fitted robot hands that can prepare breakfast in a kitchen. 

And the kicker is... 


Although, the takeaway from it is that you're no longer needed; and thus, you have now become an expendable commodity!

This also mirrors the concept of VR and human-like CGI effects, and right now they need people to interact with it to make it all work.

But what happens when they have all of the elements needed?

Where will that leave you then?

Haha, yeah right. 

It leaves you tossed out on your ***, because either the VR or Autonomous system(s) can pick up where you left off.

I mean, you can't blame me for pointing that obvious fact out!

Other than that, Matrix Resurrections is a very well-polished game indeed.  

And Unreal's MetaHuman Scanning Application is only the start.

Because the market from all of it is booming like it's no tomorrow.

I just wonder how far this digitized version of our material world will be expanded. 

And what I mean there, how far will this go beyond a mere game?

Now, that's a damn good question I'd say.

Because when it comes down to it, will we remain relevant; or get brushed aside to make way for this digitized/autonomous revolution!

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