California Residents Continually Exiting for Mexico?

It's something most people wouldn't take seriously after reading a title such as that.

Others wonder why California residents would trade their U.S. Citizenship to live in Mexico.

This trend has been an ongoing one, where residents started heading for other states to live. 

The Census Bureau's American Community stated in 2019, that over 653,000 residents left the sunshine state.

But now there are people heading south to our neighboring country.

Question is...

Why are they going to Mexico?

Is there a specific reason why they have chosen the country as a prime option?

The answer to that may not surprise you much.

So, without further ado, let's hammer out a few reasons why!

The California Mexico Disconnection

Now don't get me wrong about Mexico.

This is a great country indeed, filled with much history stemming all the way back to the Ancient Aztecs.

It's also a regular tourist attraction chosen by many to pursue.

Among those are U.S. citizens, who venture to places such as CancĂșn and Playa del Carmen (Playa is further discussed below) are only two. 

Now, part of the reason why people are leaving the United States, is because they feel it has nothing left to offer them!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the cracks forming in the walls, due to the harsh economic issues that now exist.

Mass unemployment has creeped deep into this once prosperous state has becoming a very concerning matter.

Rising rent, hawkish interest rates, and rising gas prices are turning residents away. 

These are stressful issues many residents are tired of dealing with!


This is why Mexico has become a favorable option, due to its relaxed environment and affordable shelter.

Here's a list of affordable cities/areas in Mexico:         

  • Guadalajara, Jalisco - It’s a cheap city to live in within the state of Jalisco. Although the quality of living conditions was reported as decent, but opportunities are scarce (as stated in an article at The living cost there is around $750 monthly.
  • Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo - This popular tourist attraction city can offer luxurious views of complementary beach life. The average living cost there is around $800 monthly.

  • Mexico City, Mexico - Which, of course, is the capital of the country itself. It's considered a bit pricier than the previous two suggestions. The reason no doubt is due to the size of the city (we're talking MUCH BIGGER than a city like Chicago). The monthly cost to live there is around $900 monthly.

  • Merida, Yucatan - Is next on this short list. Merida is home for nearly one-million local residents (and it holds an ample amount of Ancient Mayan history). Overall, it's a relaxed city that would cost $700 a month to live in.

  • Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco - Is yet another well-known tourist attraction city. It offers luxurious views comparable to Playa del Carmen (some arguably say better). It's a stylish beach-based city costing $850 a month to live in.

These are a few of the reasons why Californians made a break for the border (and I can't say I blame them!)

Oh yeah, if you want to check out more about the cities mentioned above, then make sure to visit.

Californians Are Tired of the Expenditures, Crime, The Crappy Society, and Constantly Hustling to Live! No wonder why residents are running away from California!AH, YES! THAT!

I mean the average cost at the pumps hit around the $7 plus range in various parts of California.

That has to be hitting the pocketbooks EXTRA HARD!

Rent is placed out of one's financial range which makes living nearly impossible to manage!

Other problems such as rising crime, vandalism, auto theft, drug distribution and smuggling in the state are the most concerning issues.

People also got tired of the constant 24/7 hustle life in California (which again was caused by the high costs they had to endure).

They started experiencing serious symptoms of anxiety and constant distress just to live! 

That's not a healthy option to tackle head on in one's life.

After all, there is the old saying that...


It is one of the leading causes of heart attacks and strokes.

The thing that might bring residents back will come down to the relaxation of the rigorous California State Policies.

That's something the Congressional House and the California Governor should address!

Because if not!




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