Darker Side of the Pill Supplement Market

Millions of individuals turn to Dietary Supplements to help them maintain their health.

They provide the necessary nutrients for individuals who can't get enough of it from an organic food source. 

Now, I'm sure supplement users know they can't totally rely on pills alone.

The general idea is that they serve as "nutritional assistants" helping to ensure that the body has an optimal source of nutrients needed to remain healthy.

There are the basic supplement types such as zinc, magnesium, selenium, vitamin A, B, C etc.

Pill Supplementation overall purpose is to help the body to function more efficiently.   

And even though that's supposedly the purpose they serve may not be entirely true!

I'm sure people heard of BS claims behind some of these pill supplement products.   

The prime source are the makers behind these products, who know over 90% of the pill products are garbage at best!

So, which supplements on the consumer market actually work?

Are they all a BOGUS bottle of lies waiting for you to pop down your throat?

Well, I'll let you be the judge after learning more. 

Supplementing for a bit of Deeper Truth 

I'm mean, we can start with some of the basic ones, right?

There's zinc, or vitamin C, even those trustworthy OTC's (Over the Counter).

The main culprit was already mentioned in toward the front of the previous sentence.

And if you guessed the right one, I'm talking about zinc!

The reason?

It's because the body cannot handle too much of it!

What you're about to learn next, will have you seeing red!

An example of this can be coupled with COVID-19, and that places the focuses on the start of the pandemic.

That means the timeline falls dead at the start of the 2020 decade.

This was at the height of the pandemic, and "so-called" trusted health organizations was serving as our supposed public educators.

They told us to stock up on zinc and vitamin C (supplementation), and MAKE SURE to wear your mask at all times!  

Sounds like admiral advice, yes?

Although, what they didn't tell you was that taking too much zinc can raise the toxicity levels within your blood!

The side-effects behind it can cause vomiting, because the body reacts by expelling the excess amount of zinc in the bloodstream.

And what are the other health issues it can cause resulting from excessive usage?

Checkout the list below:

  • Anemia - (low red-blood cell issue that causes chronic fatigue, and loss of body heat).
  • Copper Deficiency. 
  • Compromised Nervous System - too much zinc will damage the central nervous system.
  • Too much Zinc can even result in loss of ability to smell.

The same goes for popping vitamin C pills like it's going out of style, only does more harm than good for the body!

This was the one pill to attract millions of consumers after everything went straight into chaotic COVID-19 mode!  

The demand for orange supplement pills shot up to a mind staggering 76%.

That resulted in $209 million in sales! 

Keep in mind that this was still toward the beginning of 2020. 

One could only imagine the bank roll made by the Pharmaceutical Companies from two years then to today!  

The spike in sales resulted from the emergence of COVID-19. 

People believed right away that popping vitamin C pills down their throats was going to keep them safe from the virus.

Well, according to the WHO (World Health Organizations) that claim turns out to be false!

It was later confirmed that taking large amounts of vitamin C not only fails to stop COVID-19, it could also lead to health issues such as... 

  • Gastrointestinal Issues (digestive distress). 
  • Nausea.
  • Diarrhea. 
  • Too much intake will spike the level of iron within the blood.
  • Other issues may result from excessive intake such as kidney stone formation. 

The recommended amount of vitamin C supplementation is 2,000 mg per day.   

It's important to understand that taking too much of any nutritional supplement can lead to health issues.

So, if you're being told to take this, or that, and sucha-sucha amount of whatever else.

Is reckless! 

A medical expert (and by that, I mean a honest one) should be the one to recommend pill supplementation.

Final Takeaway 

The last thing to bring up are both the pharmaceutical companies and supplement markers.  

People should know that the dietary supplement market is a multi-billion dollar industry.

On a year-to-year basis, these facilities are racking up billions of dollars!

Last year Big Pharma took in a mind-shattering $36 billion, from the Pfizer vaccine alone! 

That means these companies are making money hand over fist, day and night, 24/7!

That also implies that they may not have your best interests in mind in terms of your health!

I mean, if you STILL not convinced, then allow me to direct you to the list below this sentence...

Go ahead, take a look at that list of evidence that has landed Big Pharma in SCORCHING HOT WATER!

Credit: enjuris.com

Doesn't look like these pill companies are all too concerned about public wellness.

That's not to mention the numerous lawsuits these pill companies are now facing.

Some of the lawsuits resulted from the sales of fake knockoffs (or bogus copycat supplements).

This is why you should consult your healthcare provider before taking any of these so-called "Wonder Products."

Other than that, is the short list below laying out obvious info you should look into!

  • Check to see how long the company has been around.
  • Check for a product website and look for the staff members who back the product.
  • Search for testimonials (search for webpages and videos and check the comments there!)
  • Contact the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and ask about the company's credibility. If you suspect the company is fictitious with any of the claims it states. Then reach out to the BBB to investigate that company > https://www.bbb.org/file-a-complaint.

There are many dietary supplement scammers who will sell you a dream when it comes to “feeling better” if you buy what they're selling.


Because it’s not only about the money you can lose buying a bogus product.

It could also cost you your health!

Be smart, ask questions, and seek advice from a medical expert.


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