Fixing A Toxic Work Environment! NOT AN EASY TASK BUT DOABLE!

Some people like to gossip about their work life, while others will immediately refrain from revealing any info about the people they work with on a daily basis.

So, right there, is an "Even-Steven" balance at best.

Because let's face it, most people are NOT going to bring up the subject of work.

Especially if they're off the clock after a long workday and are now on their way home.

Chances are they're thinking about what they're going to have for dinner.

Or maybe they are wondering about their significant other throughout the course of their day.

That's rather normal and is to be expected.

Same time. 

It's the only thing keeping them from losing their sanity, due to the toxic work environment they're subjected to on a daily basis.

From an outsider's perspective, one would think they would state their grievances to (HR) Human Resources.

Problem is, many don't, and they suffer because they'll wait until the last minute to voice their issues.

Well, that's about to change, because they are steps to take before everything gets out of control.

When to state work related issues to the Supervisor

And that's where it should always start, yes?

I mean, your supervisor can intervene to disrupt a toxic work environment.

It doesn't matter how problematic it may sound to them. 

And the reason why is because they have been in similar situations as such as the one you currently face.

If an issue happens to manifest between you and a co-worker, the first course of action would be to resolve the matter before it worsens.

Keep an open mind and hear out your coworker's issue first. 

From there, ask them for suggestions on how to handle an existing issue before deciding to bring it to your supervisor's attention.

If you and your co-worker cannot resolve the matter between the two of you. 

Then notifying your supervisor would be the obvious next step to take.

Keeping your work life separate from your Personal Life

That's a thing where it seems hard for most people to do!

People tend to let their personal lives spill over into their public work life.

And what I mean by your working public life, is that it is in fact public.

Which means you should be vigilant to keep your private affairs to yourself!

Bragging is one of the biggest NO-NO's to do at any job!

It simply shows the individual's choice to make a complete spectacle of his or herself.

They do this to gain attention no doubt, although, what they don't realize is that other people will talk.

If you feed them information, it will come back to you TIMES THREE!

The result can end up with you having to deal with a toxic work environment you now can't control!

Some people may ignore contents about your private life, but just know - YOU’RE GAMBLING HIGH STAKES WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT YOURSELF!

So, refrain from divulging any of your personal business with others!

Staying out of other people's business! 

Seems to be the one thing many people just can't seem to do these days!

Snooping around in other people's affairs can be quite risky.

It can bring a serious amount of hardship upon yourself in the long run.

It's even worse when you have someone who likes to barge in on other people's conversations in the workplace.

That is a very toxic thing to do no matter what excuse you bring up to justify your actions when doing so!

Annie Mae Belin, a 102-year-old native out in South Carolina gives an admiral suggestion for nosy individuals.

She says the key to a long life is staying out of other people's business!  

I mean that's simple, direct, and straight to the point! 

And that's something many people REALLY need to work on. 

For it seems there's always some know-it-all that has to get the skinny on everybody else.

Yet, when it comes to their private life, they get mad as f**k when someone starts barging in on their conversations and private affairs!

That goes double at the workplace!

If they simply let people be, then everything goes nice and smoothly.

Another added plus there, is that it keeps the Supervisor from having to step in and lay down any harsh guidelines!

Credit: > guidelines to help fix Toxic Workplace (How to Fix a Toxic Work Environment – 13 Actionable Tips)


Those are just the basic level things anyone can incorporate when working with others at a job.

Minding your own business is the key aspect to adapt.

Don't jump into something that doesn't involve YOU!

Because the last thing you want is to have someone barging in on your private affairs!

Remember to take the proper course of action when trying to resolve an issue with another co-worker.

If you can't fix the issue, then alert the Supervisor and have him or her help to resolve the matter instead. 

Keep your personal business out of the workplace!

Remember that you're rolling the dice when you give up too much personal information about yourself to others.

Stay away from gossipers!

They are quite toxic, and those are the types that like causing trouble!

So do yourself a favor and refrain from being around them AT ALL TIMES!!

By following a few of these unbreakable rules will ensure you live a longer, healthier work life, as well as a healthy private life!

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