Jamie Lee Curtis Shoots Down MCU Offer!



She became a celebrity survival horror icon after the release of Halloween.


And after 44 years, Jamie Lee Curtis is still rocking the title of survivor! 


That's all thanks to her portrayal of the character Cynthina Myers (a.k.a Laurie Strode).


She expresses gratitude toward director John Carpenter for giving her the chance to play that role.


At 64, Curtis feels that horror roles are now a thing tucked deep away in her past.


Well, that was until she got an unusual offer from the MCU!


That's right...


We're talking about Marvel Comics Universe, who decided they needed Curtis to star in an upcoming MCU movie.  


And while that undoubtedly turned the heads of millions of Halloween and MCU fans alike.


Curtis has shown very little interest in joining MCU’s roster (which is what she stated in a People interview.)


But why?


One would think she would jump at the chance to play as an iconic villainess (I can definitely see her playing such a role!)


Well, judging from how Curtis feels about the chance, one couldn't help but to understand that she comes off as a traditionalist. 


So basically, she's all about movies being produced in a more organic way without all of the CGI and HOCUS POCUS chucked in the middle of a film.


When Halloween was produced, it was done without a lot of the smoke and mirrors (just pure 100% LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION and strategic planning!)


Although, the type of movie gimmicks back then was classified as movie props” (like my favorite movie “The Thing” had many of those Rob Bottin cinematic antics in it!) 


It's just how director John Carpenter rolled when making his films during the 70s and 80s movie era.


He even stated in an interview with the Guardian, his only qualm about people re-vamping his films is that they need to pay him!


“I love it, if they are going to pay me money!” 


  • John Carpenter 


Whether he was serious or not about that comment, should be vindicated by the man himself!


But this MCU offer to Curtis will surely get shuffled to another willing actress.


Although, it will be a shame not to see her playing as either a heroine or villainess.


I even crafted out a short list of possible superheroines and villainesses she would be a great fit for in the MCU...

Madame Web - (a.k.a Cassandra Webb) is a super psi-powered enigmatic anti-hero in my opinion. Because she manages to get Parker into a crap load of predicaments, he’s left to get himself out of! Keep in mind that this is the older depiction of the Madame; Curtis could play as.

Aunt May (Alternative Timeline) - Well, that’s if the writers decided to throw in a really damn good story plot to work her into a few segments (like a futuristic type of nostalgia Peter experiences.) Even so, it’s just a rusty idea at best. BTW, I’m referring to the older gray-haired Aunt May portrayed by Rosemary Harris like the one in McGuire’s run. 


Madeline Joyce - That’s an idea with a big twist that Curtis could play. Joyce was coined as Miss America (she’s from Marvel’s golden age). Curtis could serve as an experienced superheroine who passes off insightful information to Spiderman. But a carefully crafted “cameo” script would need to be laid out properly in order to work her into a series of short scene segment encounters.

Now, those were just a few possible roles Curtis could take on, although her prime focus is dead set on the Halloween franchise!

That leaves the door wide open for Dakota Johnson, as she will don Web’s role.

So, it looks like a total pass on MCU for Curtis.

And maybe rightly so.

Because she’s just one of those old school celebs who believe in doing everything from scratch without any intervention from high-performance cinematic tech!

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