Men Experiencing Shortness of Breath are Candidates for Cardiovascular Disease!


It's not a great feeling when you're struggling to find your wind.

Some men overlook issues regarding abnormal breathing, although, these are probably guys who are in good health. 

And then there are guys who find it a chore to breathe without feeling like they are being choked by the throat!

Now, these might be men who aren't in such great shape, this includes men who are suffering from an underlying condition.

This brings up a valid question...

What type of underlying health condition could alter one's ability to breathe?

Actually, there are a number of health issues that can cause such a thing. 

There's a list below of health issues and bad habits that could serve as the culprit:

  • Obesity (eating disorder, bad habit.)
  • Alcoholism (drinking disorder, bad habit.) 
  • Heavy Smoking (bad habit > AND YES, that includes smoking Cannabis guys, just so you know!) 
  • Asthma (underlying condition).
  • Environmental Issues (bad air, although it's rare to cause breathing issues.) 
  • Issue with the lungs (underlying health condition).
  • Issue with the heart (underlying health condition). 

For most guys, breathing slightly offbeat is something they may remain unaware of. 

Well, that changes when breathing becomes harder to do (hence, they start experiencing shortness of breath) 

It may be due to Anemia, or maybe they have been experiencing anxiety attacks, or chronic stress.

Even so, the most common sign may be due to an underlying health issue that was dominant; but now is active!

But as always, the thing to do next is find out is causing the health issue in the first place.

Shortness of Breath: Common Compromising Factors Responsible for it

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Whether at work or play, it can strike out of the blue without warning.

And as stated before, most men lay unaware of the fact that they might be struggling with their ability to breathe efficiently.    

Diseases such as emphysema, is an inflammatory lung disease that causes breathing issues. 

The reason why is due to the permanent damage done to the air sacs of the lungs.   

The more concerning issue is that emphysema is an underlying condition that's irreversible.

The chief cause of it centers around individuals who smoke and drink alcohol.

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And the strange thing here is that they believe they can drink from sunup to sundown.

It's not uncommon for men to brag about "How Many Rounds They Can Put Away".

Again, that’s the type of macho man complex most men have about it, well that's until they develop health issues!  


I had an uncle who was a heavy drinker, and every time I saw him, he was always drinking some type of liquor. 

Eventually, his doctor informed him that the massive damage done to his lungs was immense.

He was advised to get help with his drinking disorder.

And he, of course, ignored the warnings until one day, my aunt found him slumped over on the couch unresponsive.

After that, well... You should know that was it for him.

He lost his life because of an addiction he couldn't control!

Then one day I overheard my mom and aunt talking, and my aunt said he was having a hard time breathing.

She also said he would sometimes place his hand over his chest in an attempt to breathe deeply.

Now, I am willing to bet that he had to be experiencing heartburn (an inflammatory reaction from heavy drinking.)

After all, that is the result when someone drinks heavily, they're basically burning their lungs alive!

And the weird thing about drinking alcohol, is that it's doing a smaller amount of damage to the lungs.

The greater aspect that manifests from its liquid form is its vapor form.

So, the majority of damage done to the lungs will come from the alcohol vapors.

This is why alcohol abuse is a SERIOUS ISSUE! 

Because it's the inflammation that compromises the upper and lower airway passages of the lungs.

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Here's a list of other areas Alcohol Vapors can either compromise or affect:


The Nose - It will cause sinus issues within this region of the body. 

Your Ability to Speak - It can damage your voice box, making it difficult for you to sound out words while speaking.

The Throat - Heavy drinkers who experience heartburn (acid reflux) may not realize the damage alcohol causes to the throat. Alcohol is a very powerful solvent and will cause inflammation once it enters the body. It’s so strong that it has the ability to scramble the cellular structure of the DNA in that region of the body. The end result can lead to throat cancer!

GERD Acid Reflux - Commonly referred to as heartburn, that results from heavy alcohol use. The regions of the throat, neck, and behind the breastbone of chest become inflamed by alcohol vapors. It's a VERY UNPLEASANT FEELING no one should have to endure! Also affected will be the lower airways of the lungs, and this is also where the windpipe is located.

So, to the guys out there...

If you find it difficult to put that bottle down, then maybe it's time you get help to resolve your drinking issues.

I'm not trying to tell you what to do, but you have to realize that you're gambling with your life every time you pick up that bottle!

-Shortness of Breath: Underlying Health Issues that cause it

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That's right.

Everything can't be blamed on smoking and alcohol we have to be fair here!

No, sometimes breathing problems manifest due to an underlying condition.

Check out the list of health issues that cause breathing difficulties:


Asthma - Is classified as a chronic disease where the lungs swell up and become inflamed, thus, air flow is restricted. 

Chronic Bronchitis - Which manifests within people suffering from COPD. COPD is short for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It's a disease factor that compromises an individual's ability to breathe.

Emphysema - It's a relative disease of COPD, and more serious conditions can result in Emphysema Cancer. It’s NOT to be confused with lung cancer which is a specific form of cancerous disease. 

Pneumonia - Is where the lungs fill up with too much fluid caused by harmful bacteria. It can also irritate the air sacs of the lungs, making it very difficult to breathe. 

Pulmonary Fibrosis - Is when scarring appears on the lungs, it's also known as (IPF) or Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. IPF can be heredity (family genetics). Other factors to bring it about may result from extended periods of exposure to industrial dust or asbestos. 

Pulmonary Embolism - Results from the formation of a blood clot(s) that blocks the passageway or an artery within the lung. It's crucial to seek medical attention immediately, and symptoms may range from a rapid heart rate and breathing. Other symptoms may be sharp pains felt in the chest area as you're breathing inhale. Other symptoms such as swelling of the legs, dizziness, or fever may result as well. 

For anyone experiencing trouble breathing, or shortness of breath; DON'T WAIT TO THE LAST MINUTE! 

Schedule an appointment with your doctor to see if there's an underlying condition that you may be unaware of.

Following up early is the key step to deter complications from becoming worse.

For anyone battling with an addiction, whether its alcohol or drug usage, should check out the list below and GET HELP TODAY!



Hey, to all you tough guys out there…

Always remember that having the ability to breathe without feeling pain MEANS EVERYTHING!

Don't play Russian Roulette by compromising your health due to alcoholism or through drug addiction.


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