The Importance of Women's Achievements and Well-Being within the Health Industry


In earlier times of medicine, there were famous female health activists and engineers who contributed to the advancement of medicine.

They were medical pioneers stepping forth to care for others during times of war or those need.

A list below is dedicated to them for their medical expertise and bravery caring for others despite endangering themselves while doing so:

They were just a few of the awesome women serving as nurses, physicists, chemists among other professions that brought them great notoriety.  

They were the ones who helped pave the way for other young ladies that stepped in both the medical and scientific professions.

Today, there are currently over 251,000 women working in the medical industry. 

There's around 8% of women working within the area of STEM Cell research. 

September is the month of recognition for women's medical accomplishments in the field of medicine.

A report by the AMA (Association of American Medical Colleges) revealed that 45.6% of women serve as active GME trainees (Graduate Medical Education).

The medical fields listed above are just a few areas many women currently work in.

The Rising Risks of Obesity and Type II Diabetes in Women Living in the U.S.Image Credit: Branislav Nenin (Shutterstock)

Some women may lay unaware of health issues that can affect their mental and physical well-being.

Chances are, they might be dealing with a variety of life changes that's affecting their standard of living.

They may be subjected to stressed out situations, difficulties at a job, or maybe their quarreling with their partner due to problematic situations within a relationship. 

All of which adds more fuel and fire to their frustrations.

Over time, these longtime frustrations can turn into something quite deadly.

That deadly agent is stress, which derives from various factors (chiefly one's lifestyle habits).

Stress will cause individuals to pursue things such as alcohol or smoking to subside their aggravating issues.

Although, future problems will extend from there…

Continual usage of these carcinogenic products can lead to underlying health issues unbeknownst to them (the most common are various cancers and heart diseases.) 

More and more women are being diagnosed with such health issues.

And this is where people will ask why it’s more common for women to be diagnosed with such health factors.

It's because of the level of stress they're under day in and day out, which is largely due to the occupation they have chosen. 

So, it’s no surprise if they start developing bad eating habits, or they start smoking or drinking. 

And again, the main culprit centers around the routine activities they follow down to the “T”. 

Putting it frankly, they just can’t find a suitable means for that “mental release” from all of the madness they face daily! 

The downside to tobacco and alcohol abuse however is rather perverse and destructive.

Continual usage can lead to various types of cancers. 

That’s not to mention the horrific doctor bill that’s waiting for them to pay off (because health insurance only covers them to a degree.)

So, it's VERY IMPORTANT for women to seek help with a psychological issue that's destroying their lives.

The same thing goes double for women working in the medical industry.

One can only imagine the level of stress these talented ladies are subjected to while serving in the practice of their field. 

More Women are Stepping into High in Demand Medical ProfessionsImage Credit: Gorodenkoff (Shutterstock)

There's plenty of room for women pursuing a career within the medical field.

The list of professions is endless, and one of the most responsibly recognized positions of course is doctor.

To become a doctor, requires an individual to be educated within a series of academic studies.

The highest honor one can get is the title PhD (or what's known as "A Doctor of Philosophy") which can apply to a particular field of study.

There was a time where women weren't allowed to participate in the medical field.

But all of that changed once Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman to earn both a medical degree. 

She was also the first female to serve on the General Medical Council, which was in correspondence with the M.D. license she obtained in 1849.

Due to Blackwell's admiral achievement, she opened the way up for other prominent women who would later enter into the medical field. 

Today, we now have many prominent women working in the medical industry as professional advocators of health.

The achievements they obtain, and the capable services they can offer toward the medical field will be revered as revolutionary. 

This is what will be expected of young women entering into the medical field.

And the result from their contribution will help to further the advancement of modern-day medicine for many years to come!

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